Can Umbrella Cockatoos Talk?

Can Umbrella Cockatoos Talk? (Find Out!)

Umbrella cockatoos are known for their dramatic plumage and delightful personalities. Many prospective parrot owners that I talk to are curious about these sweet birds. They especially want to know how trainable they are. The …

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How Many Types of Green Parrots are There?

Parrots are delightful creatures. They brighten up nature and most make great pets. Some can even speak and mimic sounds! Many are very affectionate and love cuddling with their owners and other birds. The parrot …

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How Many Types of Pink Parrots are There?

The colors, patterns, and textures we find in nature are nothing short of phenomenal. This is especially true of the bird world, where a near-endless source of bright tones and hues is constantly on display. …

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Are Cockatoos Parrots?

Are Cockatoos Parrots? (Answered!)

Cockatoos are one of the most striking in appearance of all parrots. Their bold head plumage used to inspire awe in females and fear in potential predators or competitors. They are known to love music …

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