how to tame a galah

How To Tame A Galah (Explained!)

Galahs are undoubtedly one of the most unique and striking looking parrots, and it’s perfectly understandable that they are as popular as they are. Cockatoos in general, though, are known for being boisterous, to say …

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Why Do Parrots Stand On One Leg?

Parrots are fascinating creatures with how they act day in and day out. Some argue that parrots are some of the most social and unique creatures that we know of. Whether it’s how they can …

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Do Parrots Like Attention?

No matter who you are or your background, the vast majority of us enjoy widespread attention to a certain degree. Although some of us are significantly more introverted than others, there is the occasional congratulatory …

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Can Parrots Count?

Can Parrots Count? (Answered!)

In general, counting and math is an essential makeup of how society and human interactions function in countless ways. As a result, counting is generally associated with humans, without recognizing other animals. However, it’s vital …

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Why Does My Cockatiel Keep Yawning?

If you’ve raised a parrot before or have recently begun raising a parrot, then you’re well-aware of all of the similarities parrots have with humans. It’s sort of odd to look at a parrot and …

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