Why Do Parrots Bob Their Heads?

Why Do Parrots Bob Their Heads? (Revealed!)

Parrots are beacons of communication. While parrots do communicate vocally, they also do much of their communication through body language. In fact, body language is one of my favorite parrot topics. If you have ever …

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Are Parrots Quiet?

Are Parrots Quiet? (Answered!)

We’ve all been into the pet store, just to hear the parrots mouthing off to all the customers. Or we’ve seen the videos of parrots swearing, singing, or copying everything their owner says. But is …

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Are Parrots Monogamous?

Are Parrots Monogamous? (Answered!)

When it comes to relationships, most people tend to fall into the monogamous side of things. Monogamy is a term used to describe a human that is married or in a relationship to one another …

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Do Parrots Understand What They Say?

One of the most significant aspects of raising a parrot is hearing them communicate and replicate things we say. Often times people will seek out the adoption of a parrot simply for this reason. Truth …

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