Is A Cockatiel A Parrot?

Is A Cockatiel A Parrot? (Answered!)

Parrots are such lovely creatures that add another layer of happiness to any person’s life. Whether it’s just a simple visit with another person or that person ends up adopting a parrot, it’s extraordinary how …

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How Much Do Cockatiels Cost?

How Much Do Cockatiels Cost? (Revealed!)

Cockatiels are often thought of as excellent starter parrots. They are lower maintenance, comparatively speaking, and they have excellent, playful temperaments that make them great pets for everyone. The problem with many kinds of parrots, …

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Where Are Cockatiels From?

Where Are Cockatiels From? (Revealed!)

Cockatiels are native to Australia. They tend to live in arid landscapes, sticking close to a body of water. They can also be found in wetlands, scrublands and bushlands. They can live in pairs or …

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Best Perch For Cockatiels

Best Perch For Cockatiels (Buyers Guide)

Our Award Name Image Check Price Best Overall Sweet Feet and Beak Comfort Grip Safety Perch Best Premium Choice YZJC Parrot Bird Playstand Best Value For Money Mrli Pet Parrot Perch   Perches are one …

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