Can Parrots Get High?

Can Parrots Get High? (Find Out Man!)

Many countries and states have recently legalized the use of marijuana. If you don’t have a pet, smoking a joint probably isn’t a huge issue. But there are some animals that react to marijuana more …

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Why Do Parakeets Die Suddenly?

Why Do Parakeets Die Suddenly? (Answered!)

There are a few reasons a parakeet might die suddenly, heat sensitivity perhaps chief among them. Parakeets can overheat very quickly and this can lead to death quicker than you might expect. Other causes could …

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When Do Cockatiels Molt?

When Do Cockatiels Molt? (Answered!)

I’ve had my newest cockatiel for around six months now. She is the chick of a good breeder I know, and it’s been a real joy to have her around the house. She’s quirky, fun, …

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