When Do Cockatiels Molt?

When Do Cockatiels Molt? (Answered!)

I’ve had my newest cockatiel for around six months now. She is the chick of a good breeder I know, and it’s been a real joy to have her around the house. She’s quirky, fun, …

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Do Senegal Parrots Molt?

Do Senegal Parrots Molt? (Answered!)

I’ve had my Senegal parrot for about six months now, and while it has been cleaner than many other species that I’ve owned over the years, there has been one specter hanging over my head …

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Do Lovebirds Need Grit?

Do Lovebirds Need Grit? (Answered!)

I’ve recently purchased my first lovebirds, and I’ve been really loving having them around so far. They’ve been excellent companions, and it’s been a learning curve for both of us to get used to each …

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