Do Parakeets Talk

Do Parakeets Talk? (Revealed!)

One of the reasons birds can make such great pets is the way they interact with their owners. In addition to bonding, they’ll often talk to their owners, engaging in conversation, mimicking sounds, and repeating …

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Why Do Macaws Blush?

For one of the broader species of parrots, macaws tend to be one of the most sought-after parrots for their playful and active tendencies, making them an excellent parrot to adopt for any living situation. …

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How Long Do Eclectus Parrots Live?

When it comes to a parrot and raising them, their lifespan is usually the most discussed area before anything else. Considering we all want our parrots to live as long as possible, it makes for …

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Where Do Parrots Live?

Where Do Parrots Live? (Answered!)

Whenever someone adopts a parrot, they tend to want to know where they came from. As great as it is to have the pet store or breeder’s information about where they’ve been kept, it’s even …

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