Do Cockatiels Like Mirrors?

Do Cockatiels Like Mirrors? (Explained!)

We’ve been looking into getting some new toys for our cockatiels recently. They’ve been seeming a bit bored with their old ones, and the last thing you want on your hands is a bored cockatiel! …

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Are African Greys Cuddly?

Are African Greys Cuddly? (Find Out!)

We’ve recently been looking into getting a new parrot. Our old one sadly passed away after many years recently, and we’ve needed something to fill the silence that he left behind. We’ve had a number …

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Are Caiques Loud?

Are Caiques Loud? (Revealed!)

My family and I have been looking into adopting a new parrot. Our old one died a few months back, and he meant a lot to us as a family, so it’s been tough moving …

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