How Many Types of Green Parrots are There?

Parrots are delightful creatures. They brighten up nature and most make great pets. Some can even speak and mimic sounds! Many are very affectionate and love cuddling with their owners and other birds. The parrot …

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How Do Parrots Sleep?

Birds have habits that may appear unusual to us but are completely normal to them. For instance, many pet owners don’t even recognize when their parrot is sleeping because their appearance looks so different from …

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How Much Do Cockatiels Cost?

How Much Do Cockatiels Cost? (Revealed!)

Cockatiels are often thought of as excellent starter parrots. They are lower maintenance, comparatively speaking, and they have excellent, playful temperaments that make them great pets for everyone. The problem with many kinds of parrots, …

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How Much Do Parakeets Cost?

How Much Do Parakeets Cost? (Answered!)

Parakeets are among the most popular species of all to own as pets. They are great pets for a lot of reasons, including their calm temperament and affectionate nature. But when you’re thinking about getting …

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Are Cockatoos Parrots?

Are Cockatoos Parrots? (Answered!)

Cockatoos are one of the most striking in appearance of all parrots. Their bold head plumage used to inspire awe in females and fear in potential predators or competitors. They are known to love music …

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