How Do Lovebirds Mate?

How Do Lovebirds Mate? (Explained!)

The term ‘lovebird’ is so ubiquitous in the English language that most of us use it without ever even thinking of the actual bird. It is used to describe people in love, but there is …

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Will Lovebirds Fly Away?

Will Lovebirds Fly Away? (Find Out!)

I’ve had my lovebirds for a good while now, and they’ve always seemed very happy here at home. They get everything they want, all the food and toys they could need, and they have plenty …

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Do Lovebirds Sing?

Do Lovebirds Sing? (Answered!)

I was chatting with a friend the other day about how we deal with the noise levels from our parrots. I’ve always had big, noisy parrots that can produce a lot of decibels, and I’ve …

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