Do conures need a friend?

Do Conures Need A Friend? (Find Out!)

Parrots, pretty much across the board, are highly social creatures. In the wild, they at the very least mate for life with another parrot if not spending their whole life as part of a large …

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Do Parakeets Get Cold?

Do Parakeets Get Cold? (Answered!)

Keeping warm is one of a handful of absolute basic necessities for most living organisms. Our parrots, virtually without exception, come from some of the most humid and warm habitats on Earth. So, with that …

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Are Parrotlets Noisy

Are Parrotlets Noisy? (Or Are They Quiet?)

Parrotlets are popular for, among other things, one of their most distinct features—they tiny size. Contained among the multiple species of parrotlets are the smallest of all domestic parrot species. With this in mind, then, …

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How Do Parrots Sleep?

Birds have habits that may appear unusual to us but are completely normal to them. For instance, many pet owners don’t even recognize when their parrot is sleeping because their appearance looks so different from …

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How Much Do Cockatiels Cost?

How Much Do Cockatiels Cost? (Revealed!)

Cockatiels are often thought of as excellent starter parrots. They are lower maintenance, comparatively speaking, and they have excellent, playful temperaments that make them great pets for everyone. The problem with many kinds of parrots, …

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