Do Parakeets Talk? (Revealed!)

One of the reasons birds can make such great pets is the way they interact with their owners.

In addition to bonding, they’ll often talk to their owners, engaging in conversation, mimicking sounds, and repeating words or phrases.

The ability to talk is a key trait, but not all birds are strong talkers.

That got me wondering if the ever-popular parakeet talks?

Yes, parakeets are great talkers. With training and repetition, most can learn words and phrases, with some capable of learning hundreds of words. They are especially good at mimicking sounds and love to sing and whistle.

Parakeets, also known as budgies, are outgoing and fun-loving birds.

Males are said to be the more talkative birds.

As pets, parakeets are extremely social, sweet, and playful.

They consider talking a fun way to spend time with their owners.

This article will outline more details about how to teach parakeets to talk, how they talk to each other, which bird is the best talker of the parrot family, and more.


How do you teach a parakeet to talk?

Start by repeating one word to your parakeet each day and make sure to speak slowly and clearly.

Some owners repeat a word 30 to 50 times per day before their parakeet starts to mimic the sound.

Starting with your bird’s name is a good way to introduce speech.

Use food like chopped up carrots or celery as encouragement.

Like many birds, parakeets respond well to food incentives.

Be patient – it will take time for your parakeet to pick up words.

The best way to get results is to carve out about 20-30 minutes each day to repeat a word.

It could take them up to six months to learn a word, but once they learn one it’s far easier to teach them more.

And once they’ve mastered words you can move on to phrases.


Do parakeets talk to each other?

Yes, parakeets love to sing, whistle, and click with other parakeets.

In fact, some owners say that having more than one parakeet can make it harder to teach them to talk because they communicate so much with each other.

Singing and whistling is a sign they are happy and healthy.

Parakeets are very social birds and enjoy having at least one other companion, if not more.


What bird is the best talker?

African grey parrots are considered the best talkers of the parrot world.

They can learn complex phrases and respond to questions.

Parakeets learn words by mimicking sounds and repeating words, while African greys can engage in a conversation.

It can take months or even years to develop their talking and conversing abilities, but African greys are extremely intelligent and can pick up words very quickly.

They often develop strong bonds with their owners and enjoy being able to communicate.

Amazon parrots are also very good talkers.

Their social nature makes them very open to learning words and phrases and they like the attention talking brings.


Do parakeets like to be held?

Yes, parakeets like the attention and social nature of being held, but it can take time for them to become comfortable.

If you want to get your parakeet comfortable being held, start slowly and be patient.

Spend time each day near your parakeet’s cage so they get comfortable with your presence.

Next try putting your hand on their cage.

Even if they move away, keep your hand there and keep talking to them so they see that your hand is not a threat.

Next, try moving your hand inside the cage and slowly but surely move it closer to your bird.

You could place a treat inside the cage to entice them to step onto your finger.

Once they have done this, try bringing them outside the cage.

Over time, they will grow more and more comfortable.

This also can help develop your relationship with your parakeet.


Do parakeets bite?

Parakeets can bite if they feel threatened or afraid.

Unfamiliar people or pets can cause them to bite, but if it becomes a problem, they can also be trained not to bite.

Parakeets also chew their feathers or skin if something is wrong – like an illness or allergy.

Pay attention to your parakeets’ behavior, especially if you see a dramatic change and make sure to take them to the veterinarian at the first sign of a problem.


Can parakeets learn tricks?

Yes, once your parakeet is comfortable being held you can move on to tricks.

Parakeets will instinctively climb a ladder and can easily be taught to slide down a slide, walk through a tunnel, or even play fetch.

They respond best to food incentives so start by offering a treat after each activity and they will quickly associate the action with getting a treat.

Teaching parakeets tricks is a great way for them to socialize and they will generally be open to it as long as they are comfortable with you.


Do parakeets like music?

Yes, parakeets like music and prefer a home that has constant noise, but make sure it’s not music that could make them anxious.

They prefer peaceful, calm music or even nature sounds and nothing too loud.

 Parakeets also like to watch TV or listen to the radio.

It provides a way for them to learn new words and it’s a form of socialization for them.


Like many birds, parakeets are extremely social, which makes them great pets.

If you are willing to spend the time and patience training them, they can be great talkers and very fun to have around the house.

Without regular socializing, their personality can suffer so make sure to devote time to your parakeet and consider getting them at least one other companion to have someone to talk to.

Their happy attitude and playful nature make them a great addition to any home.

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