Are Parrots Legal In Australia?

As time goes on, more people are becoming interested in adopting a parrot of their own than ever before. After all, parrots are incredibly charming and charismatic creatures that make them such an ideal pet …

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Are Lovebirds Smart

Are Lovebirds Smart? (Answered!)

I was having a conversation with a friend the other day about how intelligent birds can be. We were talking about crows that use cars to crack nuts in Japan, before the conversation turned back …

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Extinct Parrots

16 Extinct Parrots (You Should Know About)

Parrots are becoming more and more endangered throughout the years. With the wide range of threats that they encounter, it’s only going to get worse. Due to deforestation, hunting and climate change, this problem is …

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Can Parrots Jump?

My friend came over for a cup of tea, and as normal, we were discussing our parrots. His young parrots have been a hop, skipping, and jumping around his home, and he asked me, ‘can …

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