Can Conures Eat Bananas? (Answered!)

A lot of our breakfasts would be much sadder without the noble banana.

It’s one of the most popular fruits in the world, and we’re all familiar with the taste—but what about conures?

We’re always trying to find new and exciting things to add to their diet to spice it up, but can they eat bananas?

Yes, conures can eat bananas, although they cannot eat the peel. Bananas make a great addition to their diet that will provide many nutritional benefits. However, you’ve got to be careful of moderation—they shouldn’t eat too much banana, or the effects will end up being net negative.

So, the short answer is yes, conures can eat bananas and they are great for them in a wide variety of ways.

At the same time, you’ve got to take their diet as a whole into account, and not just fall back on feeding them banana as a default treat.

They need balance and variety just like we do.

Let’s find out more.


Are bananas good for conures?

Yes, bananas are great for conures in a huge variety of ways.

Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, don’t underestimate the value of a great variety of treats and snacks in their diet.

Your conures are bound to love bananas and having many nice treats in their diet like this will do wonders for their mood.

That, in turn, will have a notable effect on their bodily health.

Bananas are great for this reason.

Beyond that, there are many specific nutritional benefits to speak of.

For one thing, bananas are an excellent source of fiber.

Fiber is in many ways the backbone of a conure’s diet.

It helps to keep everything moving smoothly through the gut and aids overall digestion.

Your conure really can’t have too much fiber.

Soluble fiber, along with the starch content in bananas, can moderate your conure’s blood sugar levels, too.

They are also a great source of many essential vitamins.

They contain a great amount of vitamin C, which is one of the strongest and most important antioxidants.

Antioxidants are an essential tool for combating the formation of free radicals in the body’s cells.

Free radicals cause oxidative damage over time, which can lead to degenerative diseases and illnesses.

Bananas also contain large amounts of many important minerals.

They are most noted for their potassium content, which is vital for heart and blood health.

Bananas are also rich in copper and magnesium, which are often tricky to incorporate into their diets without supplements.

So, yes, bananas are great for your conure in many ways.

They are rich in a wide variety of important nutrients which you would struggle to get in another package that your conure will love so much.

However, there are, as I said, caveats—so let’s look at those caveats.

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Are bananas bad for conures?

No, bananas are not bad for conures, at least not inherently so.

They are not toxic or poisonous in any way and eating them won’t do your conure any immediate harm.

That said, there are some important considerations to take into account when incorporating bananas into their diets.

As you’ve seen from the above, bananas are incredibly nutrient-rich by any standards.

Even by our own.

From a conure’s point of view, they are even more so.

So, you need to keep moderation in mind at all times.

If your conure eats too much banana, then there could be a variety of negative side effects.

Most likely is it will be overnourished, and this can cause gut problems as well as diarrhea.

They are, for the most part, unlikely to eat severely too much without stopping themselves.

Nonetheless, it’s best to still only give them small amounts.

Once or twice a week, say two or three slices per conure, is plenty.

Swap the banana out for other treats during the rest of the week.

This will, one, make sure your conure is getting a good balance of nutrients.

But equally important is that your conure won’t get bored of the same old treats all the time.

Finally, do be sure to chop the banana up at least a bit before giving it to them—don’t just give them a whole banana!


Can conures eat banana flesh?

Yes, they can of course eat banana flesh, and this is where the vast majority of the essential nutrients are found.

The flesh is the most important part of the fruit, and realistically the only bit that you should feed to them.

It will, in all likelihood, be the only bit they are interested in.

The flesh is soft and juicy, and incredibly tasty for them.

This is what they will be attracted by.

But the flesh isn’t the only part of the banana—can they eat the skin?


Can conures eat banana peel?

No, you should not let your conure eat the banana skin, as it is actually quite bad for them.

It’s devoid of any great nutrient content, while still being quite calorific.

This means that your conure will be filling up when eating banana peel without actually getting any benefit from the peel.

Peel the banana before giving it to your conure, and then discard the peel.

Even if you did give it to them, alongside flesh, they’re very unlikely to want to eat it.

They will go for the flesh every time.

Throw the peel away!

What about proper ripeness?


Can conures eat underripe bananas?

They can, but they really shouldn’t.

There’s no special benefit to eating the banana underripe, and they won’t prefer it this way.

It will just be too tough for them if nothing else.

They will most likely leave it alone if it is too underripe.

Not to mention they would have a harder time digesting it, even if they did eat it.

Underripe bananas are also not the same nutritionally, you may be surprised to learn.

So, no, conures should not eat underripe or green bananas.


Can conures eat ripe bananas?

Yes, conures can definitely eat ripe bananas.

This will be a much more accessible fruit for them.

They will much prefer the fruit this way, not to mention that they will have a much easier time eating and digesting it in the first place.


Can conures eat overripe bananas?

It depends on just how overripe.

You don’t want to give them a pile of brown mush—they won’t enjoy that very much.

If it’s a banana with a few brown spots on it, though, it will be fine.

That said, you should do your best to get the ripest bananas you possibly can.

This will taste the best, provide the best range of nutrients, and be most attractive to them.


Can conures eat Cavendish bananas?

There are, of course, many varieties of banana, so let’s look at a few and which ones are good for your conure.

Cavendish bananas are one of the most popular and widespread varieties in the world, and they make a great snack for your conure.

They have the classic shape as well as the yellow hue, and come with all the nutritional benefits we talked about earlier.

If you’re able to get any bananas, it’s likely to be a Cavendish banana—so don’t be afraid to feed these to your parrot!


Can conures eat red bananas?

What about red bananas?

Yes, red bananas are also perfectly safe, although they are a bit tougher and may not be quite as attractive to your conures.

You can always experiment and take the time to find the variety that your conures enjoy the most.

Each bird may be different, and some may prefer red bananas to other varieties.

In any case, red bananas are also perfectly safe.


Can conures eat lady-finger bananas?

Yes, conures can eat lady-finger bananas.

Again, they are not quite on the same level of nutritional density as more common varieties, given their smaller size, but they do make a good snack for a small animal for precisely this reason.

Your conure will love lady finger bananas, and they will make a great treat for them.


So, whatever the variety, bananas are totally safe for your conure and make a healthy addition to their diet.

They are packed with a huge variety of essential nutrients, and your conure will love them as a treat.

Just remember the importance of moderation, and don’t let your conure have too much of banana, or indeed of any one thing.

Balance and variety are the most important things.

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