Do Green Cheek Conures Talk?

Do Green Cheek Conures Talk? (Revealed!)

I have always loved videos of talking birds. I watch videos of parrots talking to other animals, humans, the television, and even stuffed animals. I saw the most adorable video the other day of a …

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Do Conures Need Cuttlebone?

Do Conures Need Cuttlebone? (Revealed!)

When researching your parrot’s needs, you may have been surprised to learn about the debate over something called cuttlebone. There is a lot of confusion in the air about what cuttlebone is, why your conures …

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Do Conures Need Grit?

Do Conures Need Grit? (Answered!)

For a long time, the advice to parrot owners was that it’s necessary for them to have grit in their diet. The idea was that harsh material was needed in the bird’s gizzard to break …

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Do conures need a friend?

Do Conures Need A Friend? (Find Out!)

Parrots, pretty much across the board, are highly social creatures. In the wild, they at the very least mate for life with another parrot if not spending their whole life as part of a large …

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