Best Toys For Macaws (Buyers Guide)

Keeping your parrot entertained and occupied is a never-ending task and one of the most important parts of parrot care.

Macaws are among the most intelligent not just of all parrots but of all birds, and so they can get very bored very quickly if they do not have plenty of nifty toys to keep them entertained.


Our Award Name Image Check Price
Best Overall MEWTOGO Extra Large Bird Parrot Toys
Best Premium Activity Block Parrot Toy
Best Budget Super Bird Creations SB1107 Bagel Cascade

There are many toys available out there for your macaw, so it can be tricky to know which one is right for you.

Today, we’re going to look at a wide selection of some of the best macaw toys for any budget and bird.

Let’s get started.


Best Overall: MEWTOGO Extra Large Bird Parrot Toys


First we have our choice for the best all-rounder parrot toy for your macaw.

This one covers all the bases.

It’s really popular and one of the featured products, using a tried and tested design to provide your parrot with plenty of surfaces, objects and other things to chew, perch on and swing around.

These sorts of toys come in many different forms, but this one achieves everything it needs to without breaking the bank.

Firstly, it’s more than big enough for a big bird like a macaw at 18 inches tall.

It pops with bright colors which will catch your bird’s keen eyes, and it simply won’t be able to resist investigating it and playing with every single day.

The blocks which double as perches are bright in every color of the rainbow.

It will look good not only to your parrots but to you as well!

It’s not just attractive, either, but also highly durable.

It features a high-quality chain that will endure long years of chewing and roughhousing.

The ropes, too, are highly durable and will not fall apart under the iron grip of your macaw’s beak.

This toy will not only give your bird entertainment and stimulation, but it will also be great for preening and for filing their beaks and claws.

You can’t go wrong with this one.

  • Highly affordable for the quality you’re getting
  • Incredibly durable with reliable materials that will endure long years of chewing
  • Great for playing and maintenance of claws and beak

  • Some report it is on the smaller side for large parrots
  • On rare occasions some report birds getting their feet caught in it


While some macaws are likely to be a bit more determined in their efforts to rip their toys to pieces and may succeed even with this one, for the most part this is an extremely durable and highly reliable toy for your macaw.

It will keep them entertained and will help them with their own dental maintenance.

We think you can’t go wrong with this one.


Best Toys For Macaws


Best premium: Activity Block Parrot Toy

If you’ve got a bit of a bigger budget, though, then this clever parrot toy activity block could also make a great choice for your macaw.

It’s definitely an expensive option and something you’ll want to consider carefully before buying.

This wooden block features a variety of nooks and crannies for your macaw to chew and dissect, as well as the whole thing doubling as a perch.

This wooden activity block is 100% chewable on every surface, and there are many different parts for your macaw to occupy itself with.

The top surface features flower and cylinder shapes that your macaw will be able to get a good grip on.

The thinner slats which make up the whole thing will also come off, and on the toy’s side there are wooden balls for yet another different chewing experience.

Your macaw will spend months getting through this activity.

This toy will also help your macaw maintain its beak and claws well.

It attaches to the bars with durable stainless steel screws.

Any macaw owner will know that most toys won’t last long around their destructive beaks.

If there was any toy that would keep your macaw entertained for a long time, it’s definitely this one.

  • Features a lot of different surfaces for playing, beak grinding and claw maintenance.
  • Can be placed in the cage both vertically and horizontally for maximum versatility.
  • Could easily keep multiple macaws entertained.

  • Considerably more expensive than other options
  • More destructive parrots may get through this quicker than others.


If you’ve got the spare money to spend on an expensive toy like this, then it will certainly make a great addition to your macaw’s repertoire of toys.

It’s intricate, interesting, and durable, with plenty of varied parts to keep your macaw interested over a long period of time.


Best Toys For Macaws


Best budget: Super Bird Creations SB1107 Bagel Cascade

If you’re on a tighter budget, then the best option for you is this incredibly “bagel cascade” toy that can be hung from the top of your macaw’s cage.

It features a central plastic support from a tough metal carabiner clip which holds 24 peelable and chewable “bagel” shapes made of compressed cardboard.

The toy itself is already very cheap, not to mention that the central support can be refilled with replacement bagels.

The toy is bright and colorful meaning it will always catch your macaw’s eye.

The cardboard makes another great chewing surface for your macaw to hone its beak.

The central support is highly durable and will last years with the right care.

Jangling, chewing and otherwise messing around with the bagels will occupy your macaw for hours and relieve boredom.

These toys are also manufactured with the maximum safety requirements to ensure your parrot can entertain itself while you have peace of mind.

Its size makes it great for macaws of any age.

This toy is not only highly affordable, but it’s as intricately designed as the most expensive premium toy available.

  • Highly affordable for the quality and durability you are getting with it.
  • Designed with safety and maximum boredom relief in mind.
  • Replaceable bagels make this a great long term purchase.

  • On the smaller side, some say it is not big enough.
  • Sometimes birds can get their beaks stuck in the rings.


A durable budget option is always one of the best choices you can make for a toy for your macaw.

This toy can last years if you replace the donuts, making it a really cheap option to add to your macaw’s toys.

The only minor problem is that some users have reported that it is too small, but it can still easily be entertaining as a smaller toy.


Best Toys For Macaws

Alternative Budget Option: Planet Pleasures Spiked Piñata Natural Bird Toy X-Large

For another budget option, you can look no further than this Planet Pleasures Spiked Piñata.

It’s a really great toy in loads of ways while not being excessively expensive.

It’s a simple toy, a long, colorful tube made of woven palm leaves.

Inside it is stuffed with soft, safe material for your macaw to shred to its heart’s content.

With bright, colorful tassels on all sides, it will catch your bird’s eye constantly.

Being handmade, these toys are of excellent quality even at their remarkably low price.

It can look flimsy at first, but many parrot owners report even large macaws having months of fun with these piñatas.

It features a strong rope hook at the top from which you can attach it to the cage, and if your macaw decides to start attacking that part of it you can rest assured it won’t destroy it easily.

The great thing about the low cost of this toy is that you could even buy several, and replace one as soon as your macaw has finished tearing it to shreds.

This toy achieves all this—the low price, the high quality, the attractive design, and durable attachments all while being an environmentally friendly option.

You can’t go wrong with this budget choice.

  • Highly affordable at only $12 or even its $19.99 list price
  • Handmade from natural materials, ensuring high quality
  • Environmentally friendly option, not using plastics or chemicals in production

  • Can present danger of tangling, so always supervise your parrot while using it.
  • Many report it has a bad smell on arrival
  • Not as durable as other options.


This toy is not without its downsides, but for the price you can hardly complain.

It’s a simple way to keep your macaws entertained by giving them another option among other toys.

It won’t last as long as other toys but at the price, if it keeps your macaw entertained even for a short while then it’s well worth it.


Best Toys For Macaws


Alternative Premium Option: Bonka Bird Toys 1411 Huge Globe Rope Swing


Another entirely different style of toy to consider if you’ve got money to spend is this rope swing toy.

It features two interconnected loops of rope, a bell at the top and multiple other attachments for swinging and playing with.

It’s a swing, a perch, a general-purpose toy for chewing and scratching all in one—though it’s far from cheap.

The toy is constructed of cotton rope wrapped around metal wiring, making it highly durable.

Macaws love perches, but a perch as well equipped as this one gives your bird countless options to choose from in terms of playing.

It may have hours of fun just ringing the bell, chewing on the tassels at the bottom, swinging around from the top of their cage or just chewing the completely safe cotton rope.

It makes a great toy and a great gym for your macaw’s cage.

This is a great option because there are so many different possibilities for your macaw to entertain itself. It’s not at risk of being instantly destroyed because it is more than just a chew toy.

Even if you do have a particularly destructive macaw, this toy is durable enough that it won’t be able to tear it apart anytime soon.

  • Features many different ways to play from swinging to chewing and bell ringing.
  • Highly durable and resistant to being destroyed quickly.
  • Colorful and attractive design means it looks great in your bird’s cage

  • Very expensive and perhaps outside the budget of many macaw owners
  • May be a bit on the smaller side though macaws can still perch on it


Again, if you’ve got the money to spare, this toy makes a great choice for your macaw.

It’s durable, attractively designed, and most importantly features a wide range of ways for your bird to play.

It will be a long time, if ever before your macaw gets bored of playing with this fantastic parrot toy.

Best Toys For Macaws


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