Best Cage Liner For Parakeets (Buyers Guide)

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Best Overall Vitakraft Cage Liners for Birds
Best Premium Choice Gravel Paper for Bird Cage
Best Budget Option Bird Cage Liner Papers, Non-Woven Bird Cage Liners

Choosing the right cage liner for your parakeet is just as essential a part of its care as is anything else you might buy.

A good cage liner can mean the difference between a happy and an unhappy parakeet.

Your parakeet needs something to hone its beak and claws on, and so many new parrot owners often do not understand the importance of having a good cage liner.

But there are so many options out there it can be more than a little difficult to know which one is right for you.

Today, we’re going to look at a wide selection of cage liners for every budget and considering everyone’s needs.

Let’s get started.


Vitakraft Cage Liners for Birds – Best Overall


Here we have what is, plainly, the best all-round option for a cage liner for your parakeet.

The Vitakraft cage liners provide everything you will need from a cage liner while not being too expensive.

This pack of 7 liners ticks just about every box.

They are highly affordable and are by far the most well-reviewed of the products on this list.

Featuring an inner layer, these pads are highly absorbent and are also able to trap odors.

At the same time, the quilted surface remains dry and, more importantly, sanitary even after long use.

Further, they’ll hold their shape even after absorbing a lot of water, making cleanup really easy.

You can just grab them, throw them away and replace them.

These will keep your parakeet’s home nice and clean, although they again do not feature grit or gravel surfaces for grinding.

You’ll need something separate for that purpose.

With everything else in mind, this is definitely the best all-round option for your parakeet.


  • Highly absorbent, trapping both moisture and odors
  • Quilted surface keeps your cage a comfortable environment for your parakeet
  • Easy clean up, just replace them and throw the old one in the bin

  • No gravel surface for grinding
  • Doesn’t fit in many cages



This is certainly a good option, then, while you will still need to buy an extra item for grinding.

But other than that, this makes the best all-round option.

Your parakeets will have a comfortable surface to walk on and will also have a cage that is kept clean and free from bad odors.

You can’t go wrong with this liner.


Best Cage Liner For Parakeets



Gravel Paper for Bird Cage – Best Premium Choice


Here we have our best premium option, this twenty-piece kit of gravel paper for lining your parakeet’s cage.

While hardly all that expensive, this option is definitely a bit pricier than the other options on our list today.

With that, you get a lot of added benefits to this particular cage lining.

First of all, this option comes in a pack of twenty.

Gravel paper is certainly one of the best kinds of lining for a parakeet’s cage.

As I mentioned, parakeets need somewhere to grind their beak.

There are many ways they can do this, but giving them multiple options is always best practice.

Gravel paper is one of the best cage liners for this reason, which makes this a great choice right away.

The sandpaper is medium grit, giving the perfect amount of purchase for your parakeet to grind its beak and claws.

What’s more, the gravel is made from natural sea sand, making it perfectly safe for your parakeet to eat if it does.

The paper can be cut to any size needed with scissors, so it will be able to fit any size and shape of cage.

Finally, it’s also very easy to clean out once your parakeets have had their way with it.

This option makes cage clean up really easy.


  • Gravel paper, best option for parakeets
  • Medium grit sandpaper for best grinding
  • Can be easily resized

  • More expensive option
  • Some report it has an unpleasant odor


Cage liners are, as I’ve said, something that’s often overlooked—an afterthought.

But they’re just as vital a part of your parakeet’s care as anything.

This gravel paper for your parakeet’s cage lining is without doubt the best option if you are not trying to save money anywhere.

It will do the job and keep your parakeet very happy.


Best Cage Liner For Parakeets


Bird Cage Liner Papers, Non-Woven Bird Cage Liners – Best Budget Option

Next, we have our top recommendation for a budget option.

This pack of 100 absorbent cage liners makes a good option for those looking for something a bit cheaper.

Having a good supply of cage liners at all times is always good practice, which is one of the main reasons this product is so advantageous.

You’ll go a long way before you run out and need to buy more. Per item, this is by far your cheapest option.

These liners are made of non-woven fabric, making them really absorbent for messes.

This makes the clean-up of the cage a much simpler task while also giving your parakeets a comfier surface to walk on.

They are slightly cushioned giving a nicer surface for the bottom of your parakeet’s cage.

While they don’t provide a surface for grinding, you can always add something else for the purpose of grinding and these would still be very useful as an absorbent lining.


  • Cheapest option, lots of liners for low price
  • Large size, easily cut into shape for any cage
  • Super absorbent for cleaning the cage

  • No surface for grinding
  • Somewhat flimsy



So, while these liners are certainly lacking in some essential features, they are nonetheless very advantageous in their own right for a couple of reasons.

You’ll need to think about something for your parakeets to grind their beaks on if you use this liner, but otherwise it makes cleaning the cage much easier.

Best Cage Liner For Parakeets


While these choices are our top three, we didn’t want to leave out these which we feel deserve an honorable mention as well.


Uifrmely 30 Pcs Gravel Liner Paper for Bird Cage


Another option you might consider is this Uifrmley gravel liner paper.

This pack comes with thirty liners making it a reasonably good budget option, though it’s still a bit more expensive per item than some of the other options.

This liner also features gravel made from sea sand, a perfect natural solution to your parakeet’s need to grind its beak and claws.

This option will help it maintain itself while also helping to keep the cage clean.

The rough surface is also great for their feet, helping them keep clean and well maintained feet.

They are really easy to use, just being very simple to cut to whatever size and shape you need.

They are not quite as absorbent as some of the other liners, but having the gravel surface is a really huge advantage.

Affordable, with all the basic advantages you would want from a gravel liner, this is another great all-round option.

It will make cleaning the cage a lot easier while also providing a great, abrasive surface for your parakeet’s grinding needs.

Again, the natural material means it poses no danger to your birds if ingested.

  • Highly affordable, many liners per pack
  • Abrasive surface for grinding beak, claws and feet
  • Natural material to prevent danger from ingestion

  • Not as absorbent as other options
  • Smaller than other options



This is a great option by almost every metric, then. It falls short in a couple of areas, but this is more than made up for by its overall advantages. With both abrasive surfaces and absorbent inner lining to keep the cage clean and odor free, this is a great overall option that won’t break the bank, either.

Best Cage Liner For Parakeets


Prevue Hendryx Pet Products T3 Cage Liner


Next, we have another great premium option, this fantastic absorbent cage liner that comes in a big bulk roll.

This all natural mineral coating is totally safe both for you and your parakeets, thus making it a great option for something to line your parakeet’s cage with.

It’s highly absorbent and also antimicrobial, meaning it will keep your parakeet’s cage-free from potential infections.

This is achieved, again, with an all-natural protection layer.

Without any chemicals or bleaches used in the manufacturing process, you can rest assured that this one doesn’t contain anything that your parakeets won’t like.

This all-natural coating provides great extra protection against unsanitary cages.

Again, this one does unfortunately lack an abrasive surface for your parakeet’s grinding needs.

However, you can always add something else and this otherwise makes a great absorbent lining.

Another great budget option, this huge roll of liner will last you a very long time.

  • All-natural product making it safer for your parakeet
  • Huge size making it great value for money
  • Highly absorbent and antimicrobial, keeping your parakeet’s home safe and clean

  • Lacks abrasive surface for grinding
  • Some complain that it is simply heavy lining paper, and not a stronger material


There is no doubt that this is a great option for a number of reasons.

It does lack the features of some of the other options, and yet makes up for that in a few other important ways. while this might not be the best option for everyone, there’s no doubt it can be a great liner to have on hand even if you don’t always use it as your main one.


Best Cage Liner For Parakeets


You have plenty of choice, then, that much is clear.

Everyone’s needs are different, and you might find that one of these products better serves your circumstances than another.

Whatever your needs there will be something to serve you, in any case, so have a look at this selection and you’re sure to find something that will work for you.

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