Best Toys For Macaws

Best Toys For Macaws (Buyers Guide)

Keeping your parrot entertained and occupied is a never-ending task and one of the most important parts of parrot care. Macaws are among the most intelligent not just of all parrots but of all birds, …

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Where Are Macaws From?

Where Are Macaws From? (Answered!)

Macaws are native to Central and South America, tending to live in dense rainforests like the Amazon. They can also be found in woodland and more open savannahs. In terms of distribution they can be …

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Are Macaws Parrots?

Are Macaws Even Parrots? (Revealed!)

Everyone’s individual image of parrots might be a little bit different. They do come in all imaginable shapes and sizes across literally hundreds of species, so it’s not surprising that our mental images don’t necessarily …

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