Best Nesting Material For Parakeets (Buyers Guide)

Parakeets need good nesting material to lead a happy and comfortable life.

Knowing what the best nesting material to use for your parakeets can be difficult, as there are more than a few options available.

Today, we’re going to look at a wide selection of nesting materials that you can buy for your parakeet.

This means a whole range, from the best, premium options to the more budget choices that still work great.

There are advantages and disadvantages to all kinds, so let’s dive into it.

Our Award Name Image Check Price
Best Overall Shuoxpy 1.4 Oz Natural Bird Nesting Materials
Best Premium Choice Bird Nesting Globe or Cube filled with Alpaca Fleece
Best Budget Option Prevue Pet Products BPV105 Sterilized Natural Coconut Fiber


Best Overall – Shuoxpy 1.4 Oz Natural Bird Nesting Materials

Starting off with our pick for the best choice overall for nesting material for parakeets, we have the Shuoxpy mixed nesting material for small birds.

This is one of the best overall choices you can find on the market, providing everything you need out of good nesting material without breaking the bank.

It is a great price for the quality you’re getting, and your birds will love nesting in it comfortably.

This nesting material is a mixture of wool, cotton, jute and fine twine, all perfectly and natural and high quality nesting materials mixed to perfect proportion.

They are totally pollution free making them entirely safe for your parakeets to nest in, not to mention extremely warm and comfortable.

This material will keep your parakeets happy and comfortable throughout every night.

The mixture will also help maintain its cleanliness over time, so you won’t have to replace it as often.

It’s soft and yet tough, elastic and downy, making it warm and comfortable for your parakeet.

It will stay dry and dust free, making it a lot easier for you to clean the cage out, too.

What’s, even more, is that it’s odor-proof, so your bird’s cage will not smell. Both you and your parakeets will appreciate this!

You can get it either in 1.4oz or 3.5oz quantities, depending on your needs.

Overall, there really isn’t a better option out there for nesting material for your parakeet.

  • Warm, comfortable, dry, dust free and totally natural, making it a great choice for any parakeet.
  • Very affordable for the quality you are getting—this sort of mixed material can often be much more expensive.
  • Odor-free, meaning that your parakeets will be able to use it for longer.

  • Some report it is more jute than anything else, and that there is not enough cotton.
  • Some report it is a bit too coarse for their small birds.


This one ticks just about all the boxes, then.

It’s entirely affordable so you can buy plenty of it without breaking the bank, and in terms of your parakeet’s needs, it ticks every box.

It is dry, dust free, warm, and comfortable, and will keep them happy throughout many nights—and you won’t have to deal with the lingering smell!


Best nesting material for parakeets


Best Premium Choice – Bird Nesting Globe or Cube filled with Alpaca Fleece

If you’ve got a bit of money to spend, another great option and our pick for the best premium nesting material for parakeets is this nesting globe filled with alpaca fleece.

These items come in two styles, both globes and cubes, and are all lovingly handmade in the United States.

The fibers are the finest alpaca wool, which makes a great, warm, comfortable and all-natural nesting material for your parakeet.

The wool is 100% natural and dye-free, making it totally safe and comfortable for your parakeet.

This clever device is the nesting material wrapped in a binding nest of sticks, which makes a great whole nest for your parakeet.

While it can still go in a nesting box, many parakeets will happily sleep in this globe alone.

It is large enough for more than one parakeet, and they will feel safe, comfortable, and at home inside this nest.

The material is perfectly safe for them, and indeed any parakeet should feel blessed to be sleeping in such a fine material!    

The hanging string is made of jute, and the sticks are natural, dried and shaped, meaning they are totally safe and will last a long time.

You can even purchase refill bags to replace the alpaca wool as needed, though this should not be necessary all that often.

Alpaca wool is dry and keeps its cleanliness for a long time, so your parakeets will be happy for a good while.

If you’ve got the money to spend, this is the best option for your pampered parakeet.

  • Soft, luxurious alpaca wool material which will keep your parakeets happy, comfortable and warm.
  • Hand-crafted with all natural materials, ensuring your parakeet has only the best material to keep it warm.
  • Is a beautiful piece to add to a cage in its own right, lovingly hand-made for maximum aesthetic appeal.

  • More expensive option, and you will likely need to replace the alpaca wool a bit more often than other materials.
  • Some report sticks can cause issues with birds getting their feet stuck.



While it isn’t absolutely necessary to fork out the extra money for this expensive nesting material, your parakeets can certainly notice the difference if you do.

This premium option will make sure your birds are happy and comfortable every night when they go to sleep in fine luxury, in beautiful, hand-made objects that will fit any cage or bird habitat.


Best nesting material for parakeets


Best Budget – Prevue Pet Products BPV105 Sterilized Natural Coconut Fiber

If you’re looking for a budget option, another great choice is this prevue pet products natural coconut fiber nesting material.

This is a great nesting material that covers all the basics you’ll need out of a material.

It’s been thoroughly tested for safety and health, and makes a great bed for your parakeets that will keep them warm and happy every night.

Again, it’s all-natural, meaning that your parakeets are not at any risk from harmful chemicals or substances.

It may be cheaper, but it does not skimp on quality and is one of the most highly-rated products out there.

For just $8 you will get 1.3 ounces of material, which should keep your parakeets happy for months to come.

It is carefully sterilized without harmful chemicals to make sure it doesn’t carry any pathogens or other harmful substances.

It’s simple and malleable and can fit easily into any nesting box.

Despite its low price, this is by far one of your best choices for parakeet nesting material.

It may need to be replaced somewhat more often than pricier options, but not enough that the price is not overall better for the coconut fiber.

It is still virtually odor-free so you won’t have to worry about the terrible smells, and it’s really easy to clean and replace this material in your parakeet’s cage.

It can’t hurt to try this one when it’s so incredibly affordable, so give it a go—your parakeets will love it.

  • Highly affordable option but you do not get a lower quality nesting material as a result.
  • All natural, meaning it is free from any potentially dangerous substances your parakeets might come into contact with.
  • Easy to replace when it needs it, simply take it out and throw it away for new material.

  • Some parakeets reportedly do not like the material, though they may get used to it over time.
  • Danger of strangling with the fibers.



A budget option like this may not boast some of the great features of more expensive options, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a great choice for your bird’s nesting material.

Some may like it more than others, so at worst you can give it a try and if it doesn’t like it, try something else.

This material is highly affordable given its price, so you really can’t go wrong.


Best nesting material for parakeets


Alternative Premium – Mixing Bird Nesting Materials Parakeet Nesting Materials

Another great choice on the pricier side is this parakeet mixed nesting material.

This mixture is made of a variety of safe, natural materials, including cotton, wool, jute and fine twine, and high quality material at that.

It makes great nesting for your parakeet and they will be perfectly happy sleeping in it every night.

The material is naturally dry, free from dust, so they are free from those pesky particles that make cleaning the cage a lot more difficult.

It can be used for a wide variety of small birds and parakeets included, they will sleep comfortably in it every night and it poses no risk to them.

Mixed with jute silk, hemp rope, cotton raffia, and proportionate wool materials, these nesting pads will fit really comfortably in your parakeet’s nesting box and ensure a safe and comfortable feeling in their box.

They are also odor-free, making them great for you and the birds.

They won’t stink up the whole room, because they dissipate the odor rather than retaining it.

This one might be, again, a bit more expensive than some of the other options, but you are getting a lot for what you pay.

The item comes with 4.23oz of nesting material, meaning only a single purchase should keep your birds happy for a very long time.

You get what you pay for when it comes to these kinds of things, so this is a great choice.

  • Mixture of safe, natural materials that will keep your parakeet comfortable, warm and happy throughout every night.
  • High quality, durable materials that will not need to be constantly replaced.
  • High quantity of material in each package so it will last you a long time.

  • More expensive option where other, cheaper options may do the same job.
  • Some report it comes with a chemical smell on delivery.


This is another great choice if you have the spare money to spend.

At the same time, you are getting excellent quality and quantity of material for the money you spend and this will be reflected in the item.

With all-natural materials like this, you can’t go wrong, and this is one of the best options for parakeet nesting material.


Best nesting material for parakeets


Alternative Budget: Lixit Bird and Small Animal Nesting Material

Finally, we have an alternate budget option, the Lixit bird nesting material.

This is definitely the simplest item on the list, but it nonetheless makes a great choice for a budget nesting material for your parakeet.

The material is simple cotton, soft, warm, and clean which will keep your parakeet happy and comfortable at night.

It’s really easy to manipulate so you can place it into just about any nook or cranny that your parakeet might want to sleep in.

The material is still all-natural, coming only from the best-grade cotton fibers.

These short fibers are also great for your parakeet as they will be able to easily pull apart and rearrange the fibers as they wish, to make their best nest possible.

This particular item is really ideal for hard bottom cages as it provides a level of cushioning and support that many materials cannot even at the low price.

While a mixture of materials is often the best choice for nesting for a parakeet, this cotton nonetheless could make a really big part of that.

Your bird will love it and it provides comfort and warmth like even the most high-grade material available.

This material won’t break the bank but your parakeet will still love it, they can arrange it themselves for their best nest, and you can easily and cheaply replace it when needed.

  • Cheapest option available without cutting down on quality, high grade cotton fibers.
  • Easily pulled apart so that your parakeet can arrange it themselves in their nesting box as they wish.
  • Soft bedding even if you wanted to use it as a base for another nesting material.

  • Birds may not be happy with just cotton on its own, so you may need to purchase a secondary material.
  • Small quantity of the item even despite cheap price.



This is definitely a great option for a lot of reasons, then. It makes a great addition to a nest, if not a great nesting material in and of itself.

It is soft, natural, high-quality cotton that will keep your parakeet warm and happy at night.



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