Best Scales For Parrots (Buyers Guide)

Raising a parrot comes with the added bonus of buying a never-ending list of supplies and gadgets to ensure they’re living the best possible life they can have. With this in mind, most tend to cite knowing the weight of a parrot as one of the most important areas to highlight for their health.

Besides picking your parrot up or judging their physical appearance, it’s always useful to know their precise weight. As a result, many people look to buy a scale for their parrot, similar to how most people own a scale to measure their weight.

Our Award Name Image Check Price
Best Overall ZEIS Digital Bird Scale
Best Value W.C. Redmon Deluxe Digital Small Animal and Aviary Scale
Best Premium NU Perch Parrot Training Scale
Easiest To Use Electronic Kitchen Scale
Highest Rated Parrot Training Weight Scale


Nevertheless, down below, we’re going to highlight five of the best scales for parrots.

We’ll go over a list of their features and details, as well as a few pros, cons, and an overall summary for each one.

By the end of it, you’ll be able to pinpoint which scale is best suited for your parrot.

Without further ado, let’s get started!


1. ZEIS Digital Bird Scale Best Overall

As many scales you can easily buy, it’s nice to know right away which option is the best overall.

Answering this question is the ZEIS digital bird scale, a perfect scale that comes with a perch that’ll fit medium to larger sized parrots well.

It has a stainless steel platform, allowing it to be a relatively high-quality material that can endure your parrot scratching it up. P

ower-wise, it comes with a 110V adapter, or you can power it up with 6 AA batteries. How cool is that?

One of the most compelling features of the scale is that it comes with a ten-year warranty, allowing you a bit of comfort whenever an issue arises with the scale.

I do wish the scale was a bit easier to read, but other than that, it’s a substantial scale you’ll find useful for your parrot.



  • It’s very accurate weight-wise.
  • Great build and reliable stainless steel frame.
  • It comes with an adapter but allows a wireless set-up with batteries.
  • It has a ten-year warranty.


  • Numbers on the scale can be a bit challenging to read.




All in all, the ZEIS digital bird scale is an excellent option to consider if you’re looking for a simple yet perch-styled scale. Although the numbers on the scale aren’t super easy to read, it’ll be easier for you to read as you get used to it.




2. W.C. Redmon Deluxe Digital Small Animal and Aviary Scale Best Value

Affordability is critical, no matter what your financial situation might be. As a result, we have the W.C. Redmon deluxe digital small animal and aviary scale. It’ll be challenging to find a more affordable scale, especially once that’s built as well as this scale is.


Feature-wise, it’s a complete small pet and aviary monitoring system, allowing you to weigh other small animals besides your parrot. Plus, it can monitor their weight in multiple units, allowing you to pick the best option for you.


It’s very reliable and has a sleek modern design, allowing you to easily fit it in any section in your house without worry about its design. Plus, it comes with a perch, which is very uncommon for a scale that’s this affordable. Although the perch isn’t the best, the overall scale is excellent for what you’re paying.


  • Can measure weight in three different units.
  • Has the ability to weigh other small animals easily.
  • Comes with a perch.
  • Excellent sleek modern design.


  • Build-quality isn’t the best.


Although the scale’s overall durability isn’t too outstanding, it’s challenging to find a more solid scale at this price. It’ll work beautifully for weighing your parrots, as well as other small pets if you have any you want to weigh.




3. NU Perch Parrot Training Scale Best Premium

Although it’s great to look at the best overall and most affordable option in the scale-world for your parrot, sometimes you need to look at the best of the best.

With this in mind, the NU Perch Parrot Training Scale makes the list as the best premium scale for parrots.

The scale is an accurate battery-powered scale, allowing you to see the precise weight your parrot is. It also has a one-size fit all perch that’s amazingly comfortable and perfect for any parrot to comfortably relax on without any issue.

Besides being powered by batteries, the scale comes with a power cord as well as batteries, allowing you to utilize it wireless or not. The only real downside of the scale is it can be a bit hard to clean. As for its durability, it’s built very well and will last your parrot a long time.


  • It comes with batteries.
  • It comes with a power cord.
  • Outstanding durability-wise, will last your parrot a long time.
  • Amazingly easy to put together and assemble.



  • It can be a bit difficult to clean.


Although cleaning it can be a bit of a hassle, it’ll be incredibly challenging for you to find a better scale for your parrot than this extraordinary scale. It’s durable, comes with batteries and a power cord, what more could you want for your parrot?




4. Electronic Kitchen Scale Easiest to Use

Sometimes when you’re looking at a specific product category, you want something that’s nothing but easy to use. As a result, the Electronic Kitchen Scale falls on this list as one of the most straightforward scales for a parrot owner to use.

The scale is fantastic for weighing any small pet besides parrots and is very lightweight, allowing you to easily move and place it wherever you want to weigh your parrot. Plus, its sleek all-white design gives it a very modern and attractive appeal.

The corners of the scale are non-slipped based, meaning it’ll have a hard time sliding around in case your parrot moves in it. Unit-wise, it can read a few different units, allowing it to be the perfect match for every person’s preference. The only real issue with it is its power source, as it’s not clear if it goes wireless or not.


  • Great modern looking design.
  • Very accurate scale.
  • It can be changed into reading several different units.
  • Easy and straightforward to use.


  • The power source is unclear if it can be wireless or not.




Although the power source may seem a bit confusing, it’s challenging to find a more comfortable to use scale than the Electronic Kitchen Scale. Whether you want to weigh your parrot or your baby, this scale will work great for you.




 5. Parrot Training Weight Scale Highest Rated

Customer-reviews are there for a reason, and it’s always worth pointing out what the highest-rated scale is on the market.

The Parrot Training Weight Scale and is an excellent scale that’s rated extremely high for a reason. It’s easy to use, comes with a warranty, and does everything you’ll need and more.

First off, the weight scale and perch are detachable, allowing you to install and use it wherever or whenever you want. Plus, if you don’t want your parrot on the perch at all, you can easily remove it and get it out of their way if you wish.

The scale has a glass surface, allowing you to easily clean it in case your parrot has an accident. The only real issue with the scale is it can only read in grams. Nevertheless, it comes with a one-year warranty, which is always ideal in the parrot world since you never know when an accident might happen.


  • It comes with a one-year warranty.
  • The scale and perch are detachable.
  • It has a glass surface, making it quite easy to clean.
  • Amazingly easy to assemble and put together.



  • It can only read the weight in grams.


Although it only has the ability to read your parrot’s weight in grams, this shouldn’t be an issue in the long run since it’s a substantial scale otherwise. It’s easy to use, clean, and put together; what more could you want for a parrot scale?




What to Look for in a Parrot Scale

Before we conclude entirely, let’s quickly discuss what you should look for in a parrot scale to make sure you pick the best for your parrot. Like you can imagine, every parrot is unique to their own, meaning you should do everything you can to ensure you find the best one that’ll work for the two of you.

Nevertheless, here are a few points to remember when looking for a scale for your parrot:


Some people hate putting things together, whereas others don’t mind it. Depending on where you fall, you may want to purchase a pre-built scale, or you might not care at all. Either way, be sure to look into the assembly that’s required for the scale.

Material and Features

How good is the durability of the scale? Does it come with a perch or not? Both of these points are worth highlighting and should be noted while you’re looking at scales. High-durability is always preferred, but you may want a scale that has a perch or not, depending on your preference.


Lastly, the cost is always a vital subject when it comes to buying something for your parrot. Even with a somewhat more niche area like a scale, realize whatever you end up spending is what you’re going to get in return. Be mindful of your budget!

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