Can Parrots Eat Spinach? (Revealed!)

Spinach is a well-known health food high in protein, popularized by the character of Popeye.

The vegetable can be cooked in various ways and is a great way to fill some of your daily nutrient needs.

However, is this vegetable safe for parrots?

The answer to this question is yes parrots can eat Spinach. Spinach is a great leafy green that is packed with nutrients for your parrot. However, feed spinach to your parrot in moderation.

When it comes to your parrot, you want to feed them the most nutritious foods.

Let’s dive into what nutrients are found in Spinach for your bird, what ways you can prepare and serve your parrot cauliflower, and the dangers of feeding your parrot too much spinach.

We will discuss:

Nutrients found in spinach that are good for your parrot

Why your parrot should not eat too much spinach

Foods to add to your parrot’s diet to balance out spinach

How often your parrot should eat spinach

Parts of Spinach your parrot can eat

Can your parrot eat raw spinach?

Can your parrot eat cooked spinach?

Can your parrot eat frozen spinach?

With so much information to discuss, let’s dive in!


Nutrients Found in Spinach That Are Good for Your Parrot

Let’s see which nutrients are found in spinach that are beneficial to your parrot’s diet.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Leafy greens, like spinach, are high in Omega 3’s.

This is great news for your parrot as these minerals help to keep a parrot’s skin and feathers healthy.

This is a great addition to your parrot’s diet and especially for when your parrot is preening.



Almost any essential vitamin is packed in spinach.

This is a great food to give to your parrot as many of your bird’s daily nutrients can be found in it.


Low Fat

It’s important to keep your parrot’s weight under control.

This is why spinach is a great food for them.

Spinach is low in fat, so you won’t have to worry about your parrot gaining weight from a daily snack of spinach.


Why You Parrot Should Not Eat Too Much Spinach

Now that we know how spinach can aid in your parrot’s daily nutrient needs, let’s see why the healthy vegetable is recommended to be consumed in moderation.

High in Oxalic Acid

The warning about parrots eating too much spinach is given because the vegetable is high in oxalic acid.

This acid can eat away at the calcium and attach to calcium to create calcium oxalate.

When the two properties bind together, the calcium cannot be absorbed as nutrients for your parrot, this is what leads to the formation of kidney stones from the high buildup of calcium that cannot be broken down in the parrot’s body.

To avoid your parrot developing kidney stones, it is recommended to pair spinach with calcium to even out the effects and to serve spinach in moderation.

Spinach is still an excellent source of nutrients, but like any food, let your parrot eat it in moderation.


Foods to Add to Your Parrot’s Diet to Balance Out Spinach

Since Spinach is high in oxalic acid, you need to add more calcium to your parrot’s diet in order to establish a balanced diet.

Here are some foods that are high in calcium.


Vegetables and Fruit

Many vegetables and fruits are an excellent source of calcium that your parrot will love.

Broccoli and carrots are great examples of vegetables that are high in calcium.

Also, strawberries and oranges can be great calcium rich foods, but need to be consumed in moderation since they are foods that are high in sugar.



D3 supplements or appropriate time near direct sunlight is important for your parrot to have because D3 helps absorb calcium.

This is especially important when feeding your parrot spinach, since the oxalic acid interferes with the body’s absorption of calcium.


How Often Your Parrot Should Eat Spinach

Since we know spinach should be eaten in moderation, lets look deeper into what that means as far as portion size.

How much spinach is just too much for your parrot?

The amount of spinach your parrot eats should be small, but not insignificant.

Follow the rule of thought that the small the portion, the better.

It’s easier to overfeed your parrot than it is to underfeed them, so keep the portions small.

Also, to balance out the lack of calcium you can sprinkle a bit of calcium powder on top of the spinach when you give the vegetable to your parrot.

Still make sure they are receiving calcium in other whole food forms, but this is a good way to ensure the Spinach does not override the absorption of calcium the body can take in.

If your parrot likes spinach, don’t deprive them of the food but minimize the portions you offer.


What Parts of Spinach Can My Parrot Eat?

Are any parts of spinach dangerous?

Can Parrots eat the stem or only the leafy part of spinach?

Are any parts of this vegetable toxic to my parrot?

Let’s see what parts of spinach are safe for your bird.



The leaves make up a large portion of spinach and are completely safe for your bird.

Some birds will even prefer eating only the spinach leaves and avoiding the stems.

Leaves can be given whole or broken up to your parrot depending on the portion size you give your parrot.



Parrots can also eat the stems attached to spinach.

Some birds don’t like the stem and midrib of the spinach, so if that is your parrot that’s okay.

Don’t think that your parrot is avoiding the stem because it is toxic.

It is just your parrot’s preference to not eat this part.


Can My Parrot Eat Raw Spinach?

Now that we know that spinach can be safe for your parrot in moderation and served with calcium, are there any preparations that should be avoided when it comes to spinach?

Can parrots eat and digest raw spinach?

Yes, parrots can eat raw spinach.

Health experts actually recommend eating spinach raw as more of the vitamins are intact.

When spinach is cooked, grilled, or steamed it loses some of these important vitamins and minerals.

Raw spinach is how your bird would eat spinach in the wild, so it is completely fine in your home.

You can feed the raw spinach from hand to mouth to your bird or for a more interactive treat, try handing the raw spinach from the inside of your parrot’s cage.

This allows your parrot to feel like they are eating spinach right off of a tree.


Can My Parrot Eat Cooked Spinach?

Yes, your parrot can also eat cooked spinach.

Whether the spinach is cooked on the grill or steamed, both are safe for your parrot.

However, eating spinach raw is the best method as it retains all of the nutrients that spinach can offer.

If your parrot prefers cooked spinach to raw, try to go with steamed.

Steamed spinach only adds the ingredient of water, so no extra calories are added.

This is good news for your parrot since calories can add up and lead to obesity problems with your bird.

If you choose to feed your parrot grilled spinach, use very little oils or butters in the pan when grilling.

These are extra calories that are ultimately unnecessary and dangerous to the health of your parrot.

Doing without the extra oils and retaining nutrients by serving spinach raw is the safest and wisest choice for your parrot.

Always look into if oil and additives used on cooked spinach are safe for your parrot’s diet before feeding it to them.


Can My Parrot Eat Frozen Spinach?

Raw spinach is better than cooked spinach when it comes to the health of your parrot, but what about frozen spinach?

Is this more or less healthy than raw or cooked spinach?

Yes, your parrot can eat frozen vegetables.

Raw vegetables are preferred since they are more natural and don’t have as much of a risk for preservatives to be added to the vegetable.

However, frozen is completely safe and can help us keep our spinach fresh longer for use.

Frozen vegetables are also great for a quick snack that does not have to be cut up or prepared.

Also, frozen is still more healthy than cooked spinach as it is still in a raw form.

Spinach can be an excellent source of vitamins and minerals for your parrot, when eaten in moderation.

Spinach should be paired with foods high in calcium since the vegetable contains oxalic acid that can lead to kidney stones.

The entire vegetable of spinach is safe to your parrots so go ahead and feed it to them raw, cooked, or even frozen.

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