Best Toys for Amazon Parrots (Buyers Guide)

Whenever someone brings up the critical areas of concern to highlight when it comes to raising a parrot, people tend to forget about the necessity of having toys for your parrots. Considering toys are such a vital area for parrots, people should take a deep dive into what they’ll need toy-wise for their parrot.

More specifically, amazon parrots are some of the most outgoing, loving, and playful parrots in the world. Their gregarious personality is a significant makeup as to why they’re so popular in the adoption world of parrots.

Nevertheless, down below will take a close look at some of the best toys for amazon parrots. We’ll highlight various factors to note in this realm, all of which should be closely looked at in this particular matter. Without further ado, let’s get started on which toys you can take a gander at!

Our Award Name Image Check Price
Best Overall MQ Bird Chewing Toys Wooden Blocks
Easiest To Use CocoGo Bird Pet Toy Ladders
Best Budget Keersi 10pcs Rattan Balls
Highest Rated Jusney Bird Rope Perches
Best Premium Bonka Bird 1116 Gigantor Cage Toy

1. MQ Bird Chewing Toys Wooden Blocks (Best All-Around)

The MQ Bird Chewing Wood Block Toy is an excellent option for just about any parrot since parrots have a natural love for chewing.

Rather than not let them get their chewing habits out, a toy is the best option for them to consider.

This toy features bright colors with a climbable design, perfect for them to elevate themselves to chew and relax.

It’s made of ABS and natural wood and is dyed with food coloring, making them perfectly safe for your parrot. Size-wise, it’s 13.8” by 3.2” by 4.3”, making it a large yet compact option for them to have fun with.

  • Plenty of options and variations to choose from.
  • Completely safe to chew and won’t harm your parrot.
  • Comes with an additional standing stick, making it a 2 in 1 toy.
  • The colorful nature of it will make any parrot happy.

  • The screws in the wood aren’t overly tight.


All in all, this is a perfect all-around toy for any amazon parrot that’s colorful and easy to use for them to enjoy. The screws not being super tight are worth noting, so make sure you have a screwdriver handy.

2. CocoGo Bird Pet Toy Ladders (Easiest to Use)

Simplicity is an important area to highlight when it comes to toys and their relationship with a particular parrot, and that’s precisely what the bird parrot toy ladder brings to the table.

Parrots love to climb and don’t have the ability to do so in their cage without a toy.

This ladder is extraordinarily colorful and is entirely made from wood, and comes in a perfect compact size that won’t take up too much room in their cage.

Build-wise, it’s meant for a free range of motion, allowing them to exercise comfortably without any issues.


  • Fun, playful, and colorful design.
  • Comes with either 10 or 12 ladders to choose from.
  • Easy to set-up on a cage for your parrot to have fun with.
  • Entirely handmade, showing how it’s a personal toy for parrots to utilize.


  • It can break relatively quickly since it’s thin.


Although this ladder isn’t the most durable, it’s a perfect solution for your parrot if they want to exercise or get a good view of their surroundings.


3. Keersi 10pcs Rattan Balls (Most Affordable)

Whenever someone brings up the cost associated with toys, this is typically where parrot owners feel most concerned.

That’s where Keersi’s Rattan Balls come into play since these are amongst the most affordable options toy wise.

These colorful rattan balls are entirely non-toxic and safe for any parrot to play with, including amazon parrots.

Whether they want to throw it around with their beak or to roll it around with their feet, either is possible for them to do.


  • A color variety that comes at random.
  • Small and compact, meaning it doesn’t take up much room.
  • Made from non-toxic material.
  • No set-up is required.



  • Can become undone as time goes on.


All in all, the Keersi Rattan Balls are an excellent affordable option that’ll keep your parrot entertained, despite their ability to come undone relatively easy.

4. Jusney Bird Rope Perches (Highest Rated)

Whenever someone wants to take a closer examination at toys, they typically turn to the reviews in the matter for them to examine.

That’s where the Jusney Bird Rope Perches comes into play since this is one of the highest-rated toys for amazon parrots.

This simple rope mechanism allows you to make loops, curves, and other interesting shapes for your parrot to climb on.

As stated earlier, parrots love to climb, and what better than with a flexible rope toy that can be shaped in countless ways?

Plus, it comes in several sizes, allowing you to find one perfect for your parrot.


  • Several size options to consider for your parrot.
  • Very easy to hook onto a cage.
  • An excellent way for your parrot to relieve stress and anxiety.
  • Comfortable material for them to be on.


  • The wire inside can sometimes come undone.


Parrots love climbing odd shapes, and this rope can be manipulated into any shape for them to have fun on. Although the wire sometimes comes undone, be sure to check out the various size options available for your parrot.

5. Bonka Bird 1116 Gigantor Cage Toy (Most Premium)

As great as it is to look at all of the varying toys available for parrots to have fun on, none of it matters without highlighting the best of the best.

The Bonka Bird 1116 Gigantor Cage Toy is undoubtedly made with nothing but high-quality in mind.

This toy is huge and colorful, allowing any amazon parrot to immediately be captivated by it.

It’s wholly chewable and features many layers on it for your parrot to explore. Its size might seem intimidating, but with a large enough cage, it’ll fit perfectly.


  • High quality and extremely durable.
  • Very colorful and has a great overall look to it.
  • Filled with multiple layers for your parrot to check out.
  • Completely safe for your parrot to chew.


  • It’s bulky and might seem awkward to put in a cage.


This is one of the best premium options to consider for parrots since it’s filled with nothing but greatness. Although its bulkiness might seem a bit awkward, you’ll find a perfect spot for it.

Best Types of Toys For Amazon Parrots

Now that we’ve highlighted five of the best toys for you to consider for your amazon parrot, let’s discuss various other information on the subject. For starters, let’s list off all of the potential toy options you can consider:


  • Climbing Chain

A climbing chain is self-explanatory in the sense that it’s a chain made for your parrot to climb. Considering parrots love to climb so much, it makes sense why so many people turn to a simple toy like this for them to have.


  • Toy Ladder

Similar to a climbing chain, a toy ladder offers the same capabilities but tends to be a bit more colorful and playful. However, as a result, toy ladders aren’t as durable as climbing chains, which is something worth noting.


  • Chew Toys

If you’ve adopted a parrot before, you’ve obviously heard about the necessity of getting them some chew toys. Anything in the chew toy spectrum is comprehensive, but you should be able to get the picture of what this means: a chewable toy.


  • Hanging Toys

Similar to cats, parrots like to chase something that’s upwards and dangling above. Thus, why so many parrot owners consider a hanging toy. A hanging toy can be anything like a dangling stuffed animal to something more complex, like a swing.


  • Ball Toys

Ball toys are similar to what parents get their kids at a young age, which can be rolled around and kicked. Amazon parrots love ball toys, not to mention that they tend to be very affordable.

How often should you purchase toys for your Amazon Parrot?

Since parrots are so extreme toward everything in their life, it makes sense why people wonder how often they should purchase toys for their amazon parrot. Still, make sure you have a healthy supply of toys for them and have a monthly budget dedicated to toys.

Tips for Picking Out and Giving Toys for Your Amazon Parrot

Like anything else, there are many tips tied to what you should look at for picking out the toys for your amazon parrot. Let’s quickly glance at what some of these tips are to ensure you get them the best toys you can.


  1. Double-Check it’ll work for your parrot

Never buy your parrot a toy that won’t like or can’t use. Make sure the toy will fit their personality and that they’ll have fun with it. At the very least, try it out and see what happens.


  1. Don’t force them to play

Once you get them a toy, never force them to play. It might take them a bit to get used to their new toy, which should be noted.


  1. Look at different options

Be sure to look at all of the various options available in the toy world to ensure you’re getting them the best toy.


  1. Don’t be afraid to buy the same toy again

If they have a particular love for a toy, don’t be scared to purchase it for them again once they break the old toy.

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