Can Cockatiels Talk?

Can Cockatiels Talk? (Answered!)

A friend has recently welcomed their first parrot into their home: a cockatiel. They’ve been getting on great together and he’s been doing really well, taking care of it. As with any new parrot, it’s …

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Are Lovebirds Cuddly?

Are Lovebirds Cuddly? (Answered!)

It’s been a few months since my old parrot passed away, and I’ve been really missing having him around. He was so much fun and so affectionate, and such an old friend, too, that it …

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Do Lovebirds Bite?

Do Lovebirds Bite? (Answered!)

My friend brought her kids round to my house the other day for a catch-up, and the kids were, I’m told, very excited. They all wanted to meet my parrots, and I can’t blame them—they’re …

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Are Pionus Parrots Cuddly?

Are Pionus Parrots Cuddly? (Answered!)

A friend of mine recently got a Pionus parrot as their first parrot pet. They’ve been getting on really well with it, and it’s all been going great. It’s never a simple task, but he’s …

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