Can Cockatiels See Ghosts? (Find Out!)

I let my son stay up late recently and watch a scary movie.

He’s getting to be old enough now, and he’s always been pestering me to let him.

So, I thought why not?

Ever since then, he’s been really interested in ghosts, and whether or not they’re real.

I’ll withhold my own view on that for now, because he then posed what I thought was a more interesting question: can cockatiels see ghosts?

Often animals are portrayed as having this ability, so I decided to look into it.

So, can cockatiels see ghosts?

If there are wandering spirits out there, it’s entirely possible they are visible to cockatiels in a way they aren’t to us. Many report their cockatiels doing strange things, like staring at empty spaces and asking for affection from nothing. While it’s creepy, there’s no way of saying for sure.

So, while I myself am no skeptic, the fact is that there is no way of verifying the existence of ghosts in the first place.

That said, if you take that leap, then there could be lots of good reasons to think cockatiels might be able to see them.

Let’s look further into it.

Can cockatiels see ghosts?

To save any more rambling about whether or not ghosts really exist, let’s just assume they do for the sake of argument.

Now that we know they exist, could it be true that cockatiels can see them?

This is a very commonly believed idea with many animals.

Dogs, particularly. But cockatiels too.

As I said, many people report their cockatiels acting strangely in ways that might suggest they’re seeing something we can’t.

A possible explanation for this is the huge difference in how birds see, compared with our own vision.

In order to help them navigate, especially on long journeys, birds can ‘see’ the Earth’s magnetic field.

They are sensitive to it, which means they can locate true north.

If ghosts manifest in some way that we cannot always perceive, this could explain why cockatiels might be able to see them.

It’s purely speculation, but the fact is that a cockatiel’s vision works in a fundamentally different way to our own, not to mention how much stronger their visual acuity is to begin with.

While there will never be a way to verify it, it is entirely possible.

Cockatiels may even have broader, extra-sensory perception.

Can cockatiels sense bad energy?

It goes without saying that “bad energy” is not necessarily an easy term to delineate.

However, what we are essentially asking with this question is whether cockatiels can sense or perceive non-sensory data of some sort.

Places that are said to be haunted often give people a sense of dread or unease, and it is this that we are talking about.

Again, there’s really no way of knowing or verifying it.

The safest answer is that no, they probably can’t—anymore than any other animal can.

Cockatiels are nonetheless very sensitive to subtle changes in mood, and the body language which can hint at that.

In a sense, they can tell if you are particularly agitated or bothered.

However, this is even harder to pin down than the idea that they can see ghosts.

You would have to wonder what kind of behavior you could observe in a cockatiel that would lead you to think it was sensing bad energy.

The simplest answer is no—but people know their own pets, so you might be convinced yours can.

That’s valid, but it can’t really be applied to the whole species.

What are cockatiels afraid of?

Like many small animals, cockatiels have a strong impulse for caution.

In that sense, they are ‘afraid’ of anything that is sudden, like loud noises or movements.

These will cause them to react out of fear and instinct, and so in that sense they are afraid of lots of little things.

However, for specific fears, they are often afraid of the dark.

Many report that their cockatiels become deeply uncomfortable if left alone in the dark.

They can sometimes flail around in their cage at night if awoken suddenly.

They certainly don’t seem to be afraid of ghosts, though.

Like I said, the reason many think they can see ghosts is the fact that they will often look for affection and attention from no one.


It’s really all about what you’re willing to accept, then.

We all have our own views on ghosts because it’s ultimately not something we can really verify in any empirical way.

That doesn’t mean they don’t exist, of course, but you’re going to have to come to your own conclusions.

With that in mind, if you accept that they could at least, then it’s entirely possible that cockatiels can see them in some way.

They can, after all, perceive many things with their eyes that we cannot.

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