Are Senegal Parrots One Person Birds? (Revealed!)

The thing that has always amazed me most about parrots is how deeply they can bond with their owners.

For such small creatures, they are incredibly emotionally complex, and have an incredible capacity to form bonds with people.

I’ve been looking into getting a Senegal parrot recently, and one question on my mind has been how much they are one-person birds, as opposed to other species.

What I want is a companion that bonds to me specifically, so I decided to look into it.

So, are Senegal parrots one-person birds?

Yes, Senegal parrots are usually one-person birds. They can form deep emotional connections with a single person, and that person is their favorite person. They can, of course, have friendly interactions with others, but they will only be bonded to a single person in most cases.

So, yes, Senegal parrots are one-person birds.

This may not always be the case, as parrots, in general, are highly individual creatures, each with different needs and desires.

If you take the time to nurture and maintain an individual bond, though, Senegal parrots should form a deep connection with you to the exclusion of all others.

Let’s look further into this.


Do Senegal parrots choose one person?

In many cases, yes, Senegal parrots will choose just one person.

Senegal parrots are often solitary birds in the wild, and it may well be the case that yours has no interest in interacting with anyone except one person with whom they have the most contact.

There are no strict statistics on this, but as far as behavioral science goes, it seems that they are quite likely to become one-person birds.

How social a particular parrot is will depend on a few factors, but one of the biggest is simply its instinctive social tendencies.

Senegal parrots are more solitary than other species, and so tend to bond to one person.

But it also depends on how they are raised, trained, and socialized.

If they are always exposed to multiple people throughout the early stages of their development, then they are much more likely to be open to wider socialization.

So, this is an important thing to consider when buying a Senegal parrot—are they always one-person birds?

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Are Senegal parrots always one-person birds?

No, they are not, and while this has something to do with training, it can also just be a quirk of the individual’s personality.

You will find many cases where Senegal parrots have a more natural inclination to socialize with many people, and this is due to little more than their inherent makeup and instincts.

That said, if you are looking for a one-person bird, as long as you are able to provide all the socialization it needs, then it is very unlikely to suffer any issues from only socializing with one person.

They will still be happy and healthy, as long as you can provide for all of their affection and interaction needs.

Parrot socialization is an often-complex question, so it’s important that you understand what you are getting into before you do anything.

If you are their sole carer, they are going to take up a good deal of your time.

The other question is about whether the parrots need others of their own kind—let’s look into this.


Should Senegal parrots be kept in pairs?

No, is the short answer. Senegal parrots need a lot of socialization and interaction like any parrot, but they struggle to get this from members of their own species.

Even other, smaller parrots are generally not liked by Senegal parrots.

It can always depend and, again, you may find that you parrot does enjoy the company of another.

However, Senegal parrots can get very aggressive towards other birds.

For smaller parrots and even a smaller Senegal, they may try even to kill them.

Either way, if you plan to spend a lot of time with your Senegal parrot, then you really only need one.

They will get all the stimulation they need from you.

If you can’t be around a lot, then you may need to consider a different species that can be better kept with other parrots.

This will keep it happy while you are away.


How to bond with your Senegal parrot

There are many things you can do to increase your bond with your Senegal parrot, but it all starts from an early age.

Generally speaking, you just need to interact with it every day, in some way or another.

Play with it, and engage in physical interaction.

You should also spend a lot of time talking to it, or even singing to it.

Vocalization is really important, and a large part of how your Senegal parrot understands your relationship.

Speak, read or sing to your parrot every day, and just hang out with it.

Let it sit with you, and try to play with toys together.

Be sure to make a point of greeting your parrot whenever you come into the room.


Parrots are highly complex animals, and you should always start from the position that they could display a wide variety of personalities.

For the most part, we can see that Senegal parrots are one-person birds, and form connections with a single person.

However, this is far from always the case, and they may take to an entire family.

It is going to be, to a large extent, about how they are reared—a Senegal reared by a single person is likely to bond only to that one person.

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