Are Senegal Parrots Aggressive? (Answered!)

I’ve been debating recently about whether I should welcome a new species of parrot into my home.

I’ve always loved owning parrots, but I haven’t had one for a couple of months since my last one unfortunately died.

He was a very old friend, and replacing him is impossible.

But I need the company around the house—it’s too quiet!

I’ve been thinking about the Senegal parrot, which is not a species I’ve owned before.

My last parrot was very docile and friendly, so my first worry is how aggressive Senegals might be.

I decided to look into it.

So, are Senegal parrots aggressive?

As long as they are well trained and well socialized, Senegal parrots should not be aggressive. However, for ill-trained and poorly bonded Senegal parrots, aggression can become a problem. As long as you know what you are getting into with owning a Senegal, they should not be aggressive.

So, it’s like any parrot, really.

They do have aggressive tendencies, but only when they are not properly trained.

They may become a bit a nippy if they don’t get their own way, but these issues should not be common if they are raised right.

Owning a parrot is not easy!

Let’s look further into this.


Do Senegal parrots bite?

They certainly can bite.

Many who own Senegal parrots, even the most well trained, often notice that they will sometimes get nippy and frustrated if they can’t have their own way.

This isn’t very common, and there are simple things you can do to curb this behavior.

But it can always resurface—though we are not talking about outright biting here.

For full on biting, there is a more serious behavioral issue going on there.

Senegal parrots are only medium-sized, but their beaks have evolved to break open nut shells and other hard materials.

So, getting bitten by a Senegal parrot can really hurt.

This is why they are not recommended for children.

Even a well-trained Senegal can become aggressive and nippy if they are having a bad day, and this could hurt a child.

So, yes, Senegal parrots can and do bite—but there are very clear reasons why this happens, so let’s look into it.


Why do Senegal parrots bite?

There is a few main reasons.

The first, as I’ve said, is to do with how well trained they are.

They should be trained to some extent before you ever buy them.

This starts with doing your research on responsible, reputable breeders.

The best ones will make sure they are properly reared from the moment they hatch.

But the responsibility for training doesn’t end with them.

It is a fairly lengthy process, depending on the age at which you buy the parrot.

They may need a lot of further training after you buy them.

This involves positive reinforcement, bonding activities, and other aspects.

If you slack on their training, then this can mean they are poorly socialized.

When they are poorly socialized, they can become aggressive, and this is when they start biting.

They may become defensive, even territorial—especially when they reach sexual maturity.

Maturity is often the problem area, so be well aware of when you should expect them to reach this point.

Make extensive preparations to ensure they are well trained before they reach this point.

Finally, don’t forget that sometimes they are just having a bad day, and can become nippy.

In these cases, even the most well-trained Senegal parrot may just need some space.

It’s all about getting to know your parrot and their needs.

So, how do you do this?

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How do you get a Senegal parrot to trust you?

There are a number of things you can do to build trust with a Senegal parrot.

Treats are, as always, a great option.

This can reinforce good behavior, and help it to learn what you want it to do.

Most of the rest of the challenge simply comes with socialization.

Be sure to greet your parrot whenever you come into the room.

As it begins to trust you more and more, try lightly petting it on the head.

If it doesn’t seem interested in this interaction, don’t force it.

Make sure to spend a good amount of time every day interacting with the bird in any way you can—reading, singing, playing, all of this will help you build trust with your parrot.


Are Senegal parrots aggressive to other pets?

Yes, they certainly can be.

In terms of other parrots, they will not like having another bird around, and will even attempt to kill it at the first chance they get.

They are solitary birds, for the most part, and bond with you and no one else.

If you have a dog or a cat, then it’s best to keep them away from the parrot.

These feelings will also extend to other animals, in many circumstances.

Whatever you do, though, do not have your Senegal parrot around other birds.

It will not end well.


Parrots are highly complex creatures, then, and raising them is no easy feat.

If you are without any experience of owning a parrot, then you may certainly find it harder than you otherwise might.

That said, with enough research, preparation, and willingness to ask for help, you should be able to raise a Senegal parrot that is calm, cuddly, affectionate, and only gets occasionally nippy when it doesn’t get its way.

Generally speaking, Senegal parrots are not aggressive.

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