Are Senegal Parrots Loud? (Answered!)

A friend of mine has been looking into welcoming a new parrot into his home recently.

His kids are getting a bit older, so he thinks they’re ready to have a feathered friend around the house now.

However, with three kids, the noise levels in the house are already close to unbearable, so when we were chatting about possible breeds for him to own, there was really one question on his mind: noise levels.

He wondered how long Senegal parrots were, so I decided to look into it.

So, are Senegal parrots loud?

Relatively speaking, Senegal parrots are quite quiet. They do not screech or chirp quite as much as other parrots. That said, they are still parrots—all parrots make some noise. But they are certainly the quieter ones among parrots, and so if that’s what you’re looking for, they make a great choice.

If you’re planning on getting any parrot, you need to prepare yourself for it to be loud.

None of them are silent and will make noise throughout the day.

The Senegal parrot is noticeably quieter than most species, but not silent.

Let’s look further into this.


Do Senegal parrots make noise?

Yes, they do.

All parrots make noise.

Being a parrot means vocalizing a lot, in one way or another.

Some, naturally, are much louder than others.

But all of them make noise to some extent—whether that’s chirping, singing, screeching, talking, or even rattling things and bashing tables.

Parrots make noise.

Senegal parrots do make noise.

They will tend to spend the day chirping away and whistling, as well as making clucking noises.

If you have a Senegal parrot in your house or apartment, you are going to be aware of it most of the time!

Compared with other species, though, they certainly make a lot less noise.

They make fewer harsh, sharp noises, and don’t tend to go as loud as other species, like macaws.

So, if you think you can tolerate a bit of noise but not too much, then a Senegal parrot is likely perfect for you.

One of the things that make many new parrot owners regret their decisions is that some parrots tend to scream and screech a lot throughout the day.

This is normal behavior for them.

Is this true of Senegal parrots?


Do Senegal parrots scream?

Generally, no, Senegal parrots won’t scream.

Of course, this does depend on your understanding of the word, though.

It may be better described as a screeching noise, which parrots often make for a variety of reasons.

Senegal parrots do this sometimes and to an extent, but far, far less than other species do.

That said, Senegal parrots could screech and scream more if their needs are not met.

If they are not getting enough food or space, or enough stimulation through toys or interactions with you.

All of this could lead to increased screeching.

But a happy, healthy, and contented Senegal parrot generally will not screech or scream excessively.

They will a little bit, and this will depend on the individual, but by and large, they are not big screamers.

Generally, they prefer to make whistling, chirping, and clucking noises.

If the screeching of other parrots is too much for you, then this may be the one for you.

But can they talk?


Are Senegal parrots good talkers?

Again, generally speaking, no, not really.

It is always going to vary by individual, but being quieter as they are, Senegal parrots do not have a great inclination to speak and mimic words.

They make pick up a couple of words or phrases, and repeat them over and over.

But they won’t learn a wide vocabulary.

They may be able to get better at it with a bit of training, but it’s of no real benefit to the bird and they may get fed up with it.

If talking is really what you want out of the parrot, then a Senegal may not be your best choice.

So, they aren’t as noisy as other parrots, and they don’t speak a lot, either.

But are they the quietest parrot you can own?


What is the quietest parrot to own?

In terms of pure numbers, the quietest commonly owned parrot is a parrotlet.

These diminutive birds make about as much noise as you would expect from their tiny size.

They produce around 65 decibels of noise.

Compare this with some of the louder parrots, which can produce as much as 135 decibels.

Senegal parrots can produce up to 89 decibels.

So, though they’re quieter than a lot of parrots, they’re still louder than many.

If quiet is really what you are going for, then there are certainly better options in smaller packages.

Lovebirds, cockatiels, and budgies are all common and popular choices that are a great deal quieter than Senegal parrots.


So, ultimately, if you’re getting a parrot, you’re going to have a noisy critter living in your home.

There is no two ways about that.

There are some that are quieter than others, but all of them are going to make noise to some extent.

That said, Senegal parrots are certainly among the quietest of all parrots, and if that’s what you’re looking for, then they make a great choice.

Not only that, they are all round a great beginner parrot for you, and so Senegal parrots are perfect for the beginner to intermediate bird owner who likes a bit of peace and quiet.



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