What Are Male Parrots Called?

If you’re a parrot owner, then you know how great it is to raise a parrot and watch them grow up beside you.

In fact, you more than likely named them similar to how you would name your child, meaning there’s a lot of great pride when it comes to naming a parrot.

Still, there are specific names referred to each sex of parrot, meaning a male parrot has a name separate from a female parrot.

With this in mind, what are male parrots called?

To answer this question…male parrots are called cocks, meaning if someone is referring to a male parrot instead of a female, they’ll most likely use the phrase cock instead of saying male parrot. Although the phrase has a bit of humor associated with it, it’s the truth and has been associated with male parrots for a long time.

It can be humorous to hear a phrase that we’d typically deem as a joke, but you have to remember, certain phrases might’ve not become humorous until the name came to fruition.

Thus, it is what it is, but there is still some history associated with the name that’s worth going over.

We’ll take a look at why they’re called cocks, if all males are called that, and if the name has anything to do with their personality. Let’s take a look!

Why are male parrots called cocks?

No, male parrots aren’t referred to as cocks because the person who deemed it as such thought it was funny.

However, it’s a very straightforward level of thinking to name them cocks, while female parrots are referred to as hens.

Male parrots aren’t the only birds named as cocks as well too.

In fact, just about every male bird is referred to as a cock, making it a common name for male birds.

Still, the name isn’t absolutely required for people to use, as referring to them as a male will more than suffice for someone to understand what you’re talking about.

Are all male parrots called cocks?

Depending on the person you’re talking to, they might not use the phrase “cock” at all since it can be interpreted as an offensive phrase.

However, usually, scientists in the field will use the term “cock” since it’s such a common statement to use in the scientific community when referencing any male bird.

Still, it’s vital to note when you’re talking about every day parrot owners, they might never use the phrase, while some might’ve never known it’s what is used to refer to male parrots.

Either way, it’s all about personal preference.

Do male parrots’ names relate to their personality?

It’s reasonably self-explanatory to see why a male parrot is referred to as a cock, but as for it being a reference to their personality, that doesn’t make much sense.

Although the phrase can be associated in a negative way, most male parrots are sweethearts.

Thus, it becomes one of those things where you shouldn’t take the name so seriously and realize your male parrot will more than likely be a great friend with you.

Nevertheless, be sure to check out parrot adoption services near you to begin your journey in the parrot world!

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