Is A Parakeet A Parrot? (Find Out!)

Parrots are some of the most personality-filled and outgoing creatures in the entire world.

One can make an argument that just about any parrot will add another layer of happiness to any person’s life.

Still, the notion of what a parrot is can seem confusing since there are well-over 350 different species of parrots.

It’s safe to assume that just about any colorful bird is a parrot.

With this in mind, is a Parakeet a parrot?

To answer this question…yes, a Parakeet is a parrot. A Parakeet is one of many small to medium-sized parrots in the world, with their most significant distinctive trait being their long tail feathers. Keep in mind, not every parrot is a Parakeet since there are so many different parrot species in the world.

Now that you know a Parakeet is a parrot, you more than likely have plenty of other questions related to the subject.

Keep in mind, there is a lot associated with any given parrot species, making it a complicated subject to take an in-depth look at.

Fortunately enough, if you have the patience to learn more about Parakeets, you’ll be on your way to adopting a genuinely excellent parrot species.

We’re going to discuss if a Budgie is a parrot, what makes a Parakeet a parrot, if a Parakeet is an excellent first parrot, if they’re friendly, and much more.

By the end of it, you’ll have a relatively lengthy list of information related to parrots for you to analyze.

If you hope to learn more about Parakeets, be sure to reach out to avian vets, Parakeet breeders, pet stores, and online forums.

Let’s get started!


Is a Budgie a Parrot?

For whatever reason, many people are confused with the phrase Budgie and associate it differently than Parakeet.

In case you didn’t know, Budgie is just another term when referring to a Parakeet.

Thus, a Budgie is a parrot, just like a Parakeet is a parrot for the exact same reasons.

Besides Budgie, you may hear the word Budgerigar when referring to a Parakeet.

All three of these words mean the same species, and they’re just used by people throughout the world.

Parakeet is primarily used in the United States, whereas Budgie and Budgerigar are used in England.

There are some differences between American and English Budgies, but that’s beside the point.


What makes a Parakeet a parrot?

With a broad spectrum like parrots, you can easily imagine how vastly different all of them are from one another.

As true as this point might be, there are still some distinct features that all parrots share.

These features primarily help highlight how a specific bird is a parrot.

Think of it like you would with humans.

Even though every human is vastly different from one another, we can easily identify a human because we’re familiar with the general traits that make a human a human.

The same rules apply to parrots since there is a lot of commonality between all parrot species.

For starters, all parrots have curved beaks with four toes on each foot.

Two of their toes point forward, with the other two pointing backward.

As for their diet, parrots primarily eat seeds, nuts, flowers, fruit, buds, and insects.

That should give you a good idea of what to feed your parrot, but be mindful of any allergies they have.

Parrots also can only live in warm climates, due to their inability to handle the cold.

They’re most commonly found in Australasia, Central America, and South America.

Still, they can be found in other parts of the world. If you can keep their room warm while giving them a steady supply of healthy food and toys, you’ll be sure to have an excellent parrot on your hands.


Is a Parakeet a good first parrot?

Like many other parrot species, Parakeets tend to vary personality-wise from parrot to parrot.

Thus, it really depends on each individual parrot to consider adopting for your first parrot.

For the most part, Parakeets are very gentle and docile creatures, making them a good addition for first-time parrot owners.

Parakeets are also continually active and playful, so expect to spend a great deal of time playing with them.

If you don’t have enough time every day for them, make sure your Parakeet has more than enough toys to keep them distracted and occupied.

If you can manage to do that, you’ll have an incredible parrot on your hands.


Are Parakeets friendly parrots?

As touched upon, Parakeets are tranquil creatures, making them fairly friendly as well.

However, if you happen to disturb your Parakeet by mistake, they may cause some trouble, which is never ideal.

Although Parakeets aren’t known to be mean in any way, just about every parrot has a moment where they get angry or upset about something.

Thus, make sure you do what you can to ensure your Parakeet is as happy as they can be.

If you can manage to do that, the likelihood of them doing something mean is practically slim to none.

Parakeets also love to play and spend time with their owner, which is always a fantastic trait to have with a parrot.


Is a Parakeet a good pet?

Another point to consider with Parakeets is whether or not they’re good pets.

Although friendliness is a great trait to have with any creature, it’s nice to know the overall picture associated with the creature.

Fortunately for you, Parakeets are excellent pets since they’re not high-maintenance, are loving, and can keep to themselves if need be.


How big is a Parakeet compared to other parrots?

As wonderful as Parakeets are, they sadly only have a lifespan of 5 to 30 years depending on the species despite being decently sized parrots.

They have an average length of 7 to 18 inches and a weight of 1 to 5 ounces.

Usually, the larger a Parakeet is, the longer they have a lifespan.

Either way, if you’re interested in adopting a parrot, definitely consider looking into a Parakeet sooner than later.

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