Can Cockatiels Eat Cucumber?

Recently I returned to my local gym and I was so happy to be there I couldn’t believe it.

Yes, I had missed the routine and physical accomplishment, but I also missed some of those little touches I just couldn’t replicate at home.

One of the silliest?

The little perk my sister lovingly refers to as “spa water,” the water cooler accented by sliced cucumbers to add that signature refreshing taste.

They are subtle and unassuming, yet really add a special flare when done right.

That made me wonder, would my cockatiel appreciate cucumber the same way? And can cockatiels eat cucumbers?

The answer is yes, cockatiels can eat cucumbers. Cucumbers are largely water, which is good for your cockatiel’s hydration when fed as part of a balanced diet. Cucumbers can provide important nutrition like potassium and vitamin C. However, as with most optional foods for small birds, you should take care to not overfeed cucumbers.

We will cover all the important benefits and drawbacks of adding cucumbers to your cockatiel’s plate.

We will also look at whether cockatiels can eat cucumber seeds, whether you should remove the cucumber’s skin, what happens if a cockatiel eats too much cucumber and more!

Let’s not waste anymore time and get right into it!


What Nutrients Are In Cucumbers?

Aside from their high water content, cucumbers have many nutritional benefits.

Cucumbers are a good source of:


Fiber is an important aid for digestion of their food

Vitamin C

Vitamin C, which we like to have to help boost the immune system


Potassium, which is good for the heart and blood pressure


Magnesium, which is also good for developing healthy feathers as well as heart and muscle health

Cucumbers also have vitamins A, K, and manganese, though to a lesser extent.

Another point in cucumbers’ favor is that they are lower in sugar than many of the hydrating fruits cockatiels will love, such as watermelon.

If you’re balancing sugar and weight gain against their water intake then cucumbers will be a good option for you and your cockatiels.


Can My Cockatiels Eat Cucumber Seeds?

Yes, your cockatiel can eat the cucumber seeds.

This is lucky, since many cucumbers are chock full of soft seeds and removing them would be time consuming.

Plus, we know birds love seeds!

However, just because they like them doesn’t mean we should focus on them.

Cockatiels need a balanced diet that can include seeds, pellets, fresh fruits, and vegetables.

Cucumber seeds are no exception.

One piece of good news is that unlike apple seeds, which are poisonous, you can let your cockatiel eat some cucumber seeds without concern.


Should I Remove The Cucumber Skin?

Generally, the skin of the cucumber is concentrated with nutrients.

This makes it tempting to include when preparing your cockatiel’s cucumber snack.

However, as with most fresh fruit and vegetable skins or peels, we also want to make sure it is safe from contaminants.

Pesticides and insecticides can make your cockatiel seriously ill.

Organic cucumbers are a good option but can still be treated with many approved organic pesticides.

The safest thing is always to remove the outer skin of your fruits or vegetables.

However, you can also wash your cucumbers with fruit wash.

Whether you decide to buy your fruit wash or make it by combining one part vinegar with three parts water, wash your cucumbers thoroughly.

You’ll want to make sure you get as much of the waxy coating off as possible.

Additionally, you may notice cucumber skin is a bit thicker and tougher than the rest of the cucumber.

Your cockatiel should not have any trouble pecking through it.



What If My Cockatiel Doesn’t Like Cucumber?

Even though I think cucumbers are a refreshing reminder of a good workout or an indulgent spa, your cockatiel might not agree.

 If you’ve got one of the pickier birds who just doesn’t seem to favor cucumber, do not worry.

There are lots of other great fruits and vegetables to offer to your cockatiel.

All of the nutrients found in cucumbers can be found in other fresh fruits and vegetables you can give to your choosy bird. 

If your cockatiel turns down your offer of cucumbers there’s no need to force it.

That just means more spa water for you!


Can My Cockatiel Eat Too Much Cucumber?

Yes, unfortunately, it is possible for your cockatiel to overeat on cucumbers.

This is part of why it is important to make cucumbers just one part of their balanced diet and to offer them other fresh foods.

One downside to overeating cucumbers is bloat.

The high fiber and water content can be a lot to process if your cockatiel overdoes it.

A related issue is diarrhea.

Too much water can lead to runny stool, which is definitely an undesired side effect.

It is uncomfortable for your cockatiel, dangerous if it goes on for too long, and not to mention messy.


Are Pickled Cucumbers Safe For Cockatiels?

Pickled cucumbers, or simply pickles, are a treat you should save just for your plate.

Cockatiels should not eat pickles.

While a fresh cucumber is mild and easy on a cockatiel’s palate, pickles are typically intensely flavored and have been soaked in vinegar, salt, and other flavorings.

Keep the fresh cucumbers for your cockatiel, and the pickled cucumbers for your own enjoyment.

Overall, if your cockatiel enjoys sharing your cool cucumber slices you can feel confident in letting them have a few bites.

You should not make cucumbers a dominant part of their diet but in moderation, you will find that cucumbers can be a nice addition to a cockatiel’s balanced diet.

They provide important nutrients and are very hydrating.

Whether you feed them chunks or slices of cucumber, skin on or peeled, if your cockatiel likes cucumber then it is a very good option to add to their diet.

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