What Are Baby Parrots Called? (Find Out!)

If you were to go up to any person and ask them what they thought about parrots, they more than likely wouldn’t know how to respond other than that they’re cute looking.

As we all know, parrots are some of the cutest and most unique looking creatures in the world.

Thus, it becomes quite impressive when a person adopts a parrot and gives them a cute and fun name.

Still, what do you call baby parrot when they don’t have a name?

In other words, what are baby parrots called?

To answer this question…baby parrots are referred to as chicks, just as other bird species’ babies are regarded as. Therefore, a chicken’s baby, a blue-jay’s baby, and a parrot’s baby, are all under the same umbrella of having the term when referring to them. It makes it easy to remember as parrot owners since it’s such a common name in the bird world.

However, like every other subject, there are other names when referring to baby parrots that some of you might not know.

We’ll go over those in a bit, but realize the name tends to be associated with where a person is, meaning different cultures have different names.

Nevertheless, let’s go over a wide range of other information related to this subject!


When do baby parrots stop being called chicks?

Since there are so many parrot’s species, it’s challenging to say when it’s okay to stop deeming one as a chick.

However, looking at the average for your parrot to reach maturity will help you understand when they’ll stop being a chick.

Nevertheless, a chick typically takes one to four years to reach maturity, meaning it’s a relatively large margin for you to make a note of while raising your parrot.

Even with the average age for your parrot’s species, it can still vary in that regard as well.

Thus, it becomes a close-knit area regarding how long they’ll take for maturity.


What else are baby parrots called?

Besides being referred to as baby parrots or chicks, they can also be referred to as hatchlings, younglings, nestling, juvenile, or a nestling.

Keep in mind, these words aren’t as common as the other two, but it’s still worth highlighting in case you ever come across someone who refers to their parrot in that way.

In reality, what you want to call them is up to you as the name you pick for them will be your go-to name than something else.

Similar to how humans call their children by their names, they don’t refer to them as “human” or “baby” ever.


Why are baby parrots called chicks?

There isn’t a whole lot of information regarding why baby parrots are referred to as chicks, but one can make the inference that it has to do with them hatching from eggs.

Plus, since it’s such a common phrase across so many bird species, it makes sense why it’s applicable to parrots as well.

Plus, as humans, it can’t get much easier to remember a parrot’s name than a chick, making it easy for us in the long run when it comes to raising them.

Plus, baby parrots are incredibly delightful and are all-around fantastic creatures to raise from a young age.

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