Can Parrotlets Talk?

Can Parrotlets Talk? (Probably Not)

Parrotlets may be one of the smallest parrot species in the world, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have all the personalities of their larger cousins. One of the main things a lot of us …

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How Often Do Parrotlets Poop?

How Often Do Parrotlets Poop? (Revealed!)

Parrotlets poop quite a lot—usually every 15-30 minutes. Managing this can be a challenging aspect of owning a parrotlet, as obviously anywhere the parrot goes will very likely end up with poop on it. While …

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Are Parrotlets Aggressive?

Are Parrotlets Aggressive? (Answered!)

Parrots may be small compared to us, but that often doesn’t stop even the smallest species from displaying aggression towards us. Parrotlets have something of a reputation for being aggressive as parrots go, but are …

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