Are Caiques Loud? (Revealed!)

My family and I have been looking into adopting a new parrot.

Our old one died a few months back, and he meant a lot to us as a family, so it’s been tough moving on.

We think we’re ready, though, and this time we want to try something different.

We’ve never had a caique before, so I suggested that.

The first thing my son said to me, though, was are they loud?

I really wasn’t sure, and our old had always been quite quiet, so I decided to look into it.

So, are caiques loud?

Caiques are not especially loud. They have a moderate level of noise and when compared with the noisiest parrots, they are even quiet and soothing. They’re only relatively small parrots, so it’s not surprising that they are able to make a similar amount of noise.

So, while parrots in general usually make a lot more noise, as a matter of course, than many other pets do, the fact is caiques are not especially loud.

Unless you are extremely sensitive to the chattering, you won’t be bothered by the noise of a caique.

Let’s look further into this.

How noisy is a caique?

The first thing to say is that caiques are not big talkers.

That is to say, they generally won’t learn to mimic human speech.

They can pick up a few words, but they usually won’t do so of their own accord—they would need to be trained.

But, like pretty much any parrot, that doesn’t mean they don’t have a lot to say.

They will have a pretty regular stream of whistles and songs, ‘parrot speak’.

They will chirp and chatter, and if you have more than one, they’re likely to be much more vocal with each other.

They can also imitate environmental sounds, such as car horns or sirens

At times, they may screech and emit high-pitched screams.

But all of this will be done at moderate levels, and some even find the level of noise from a caique soothing.

Ultimately, as I said, all parrots are fairly noisy, but compared with others, caiques are fairly quiet.

If you can handle a moderate amount of noise, you’ll have no problem with a caique.

That said, there are certain vocal cues you’ll need to be aware of, as your caique may use excessive noise to make you aware of a discomfort.

Do caiques scream?

Usually, screaming is not something they do habitually, and not something they do just as a way to vocalize and make noise.

This is not to say that they will never do so—as I said, sometimes they will screech apparently at random.

However, if it’s directing its scream towards you, then this might indicate there’s a problem.

Birds are very intelligent, and it may simply use it as a means of manipulating you and getting their own way.

If they want something, like a toy, a treat or attention, they might scream at you to get it.

If the screaming is constant, though, and detached from any specific interaction, there may be something more going on.

Even if you can’t see anything obviously wrong with the parrot, it may be best to take it to the vet if it refuses to stop screaming.

How do I get my caique to stop screaming?

Generally, the reason caiques scream is just because they want something.

As I said, that might be attention or food.

In most cases, the easiest thing to do is just try and appease them.

In the long term, however, if the behavior is too much to handle all the time, think about trying out some new training techniques.

Beyond that, as I said, you may want to take the caique to the vet.

It’s likely that there’s nothing wrong with it, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Are caiques good for beginners?

The simple answer is not really.

One of the reasons people commonly ask why caiques scream is because they are so prone to problems with their behavior.

They can get territorial, using screaming and biting to keep you and other birds away.

They can be very difficult to properly tame, so you really aren’t best going for a caique as your first parrot.

You will do much better with the kind of patience and experience that comes from owning many parrots already.

So, by the standards of any parrot owner, caiques are not loud. If your caique is being excessively loud, this probably indicates there is something wrong, rather than for you to decide the parrot is too loud for you.

Caiques will only scream a lot of if they are in some kind of discomfort.

So, as long as you in general can handle the pretty regular chattering of parrots, you’ll have no issue with a caique.

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