How Much Does A Parrotlet Cost? (Revealed!)

As humans, we’re all searching for a fun way to introduce a pet for our individual lives or for our family.

Considering there are so many options in the pet world, many people are unfamiliar with how great it is to adopt a parrot.

More specifically, parrotlets are feisty and willful creatures that are among the best to adopt in the parrot world.

Plus, many people today consider adopting a parrotlet since they’re incredibly cute and adorable.

With this in mind, how much does a parrotlet cost?

To answer this question…a parrotlet costs $150 to $400 depending on the color and conditions they were raised under. Keep in mind, some adoption services might have their price a bit lower or higher than this, but this is generally an excellent range to expect for the cost of a parrotlet. On the other hand, remember that this cost only covers the parrot’s initial adoption cost and nothing else.

 If this price range is in your budget and you have more than enough to properly raise a parrotlet, be sure to continue reading below.

We’re going to discuss everything there is to know about the costs associated with parrotlets and countless other information tied to the matter.

By the end of it, you’ll know everything there is to know about parrotlets and why they’re such magnificent creatures to consider adopting.

Once we conclude, be sure to look into the various adoption services near you and check online for more information.

Let’s get started!


How much does food cost for a parrotlet?

Food is an exciting subject for any parrot due to the fact that they eat much of the same food we already consume.

If you’re wondering why this matters, realize this will save you a good chunk of money compared to other pet options.

For example, a dog can’t eat any of the food we eat day to day, aside from the occasional treat we allow them to eat.

As a result, a dog’s diet needs to be entirely paid for food that’s made for dogs.

Although you’ll definitely need to buy food that’s specifically meant parrotlets, much of their diet will be from food you already own or would’ve purchased already.

Parrots absolutely love fruit, nuts, and seeds that are okay for them to eat and not harmful.

Plus, there is a variety of protein-rich food like plain chicken breast or raw tofu that’s great for parrots.

Basically, the only real cost for a parrot is their standard parrot food.

Since parrotlets are very small parrots to begin with, their diet doesn’t require anything too crazy.

From a budget perspective, their small meal requirements is an excellent thing since it’ll save you money.

If you can budget roughly $10 per week for their food, that should work beautifully for you.

Just remember to never over or underfeed them, while also being aware of what they’re allergic or sensitive to.


How much are vet bills for parrotlets?

Vet bills are always an interesting field to pinpoint for any parrot since the subject is incredibly broad and not specific from parrot to parrot.

Nevertheless, a standard checkup on a parrotlet is usually $50 to $200.

This price typically changes depending on the area you live in, since places in wealthier neighborhoods charge more.

Keep in mind, just because something costs more doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better.

Thus, why it’s such a crucial manner to look into the specifics of every vet before you make a final decision.

Aside from the standard checkup of $50 to $200, expect to spend another $100 or more whenever they get seriously ill.

Whether you’re aware of it or not, most parrots have a lot of health issues they develop throughout their life.

On top of the issues they develop, parrots are severely allergic to a ton of food, which will prompt an emergency visit if they’re fed something they can’t eat.

It’s important to note that parrots have sensitive digestive systems, which can trigger a vet visit at any given point.

Nevertheless, here are a few common health issues with parrotlets:


Pacheco’s virus


Avian diseases


How much are toys for a parrotlet?

Generally speaking, many people forget about the costs associated with toys, since toys aren’t technically a requirement.

However, many people fail to realize how a group of toys can make a significant difference in a parrots life.

With this in mind, having a monthly budget of $30 a month will ensure you a perfect number of toys for your parrot every month.

Considering parrotlets are very rough with their toys, you’re going to want to make sure they have a good supply of toys for them to play.

Plus, parrotlets love having fun and enjoy their lives, what better way to please this notion than with a few toys?

Toys aren’t that expensive either, which means you’ll be able to buy a great deal of toys for them with only $30 per month.


How much are cleaning supplies for a parrotlet?

Like any other parrot, parrotlets are very messy, which means you’ll need an onslaught of cleaning supplies on deck at all given times.

This doesn’t mean anything too complicated, but a few wipes and paper towels.

You never know when your parrot might have an accident, and you should never have a mess sit.

Not getting in the habit of cleaning regularly can cause a severe health complication later on for them, which should always be avoided.

Similar to food, having a weekly budget of $10 is a good idea for cleaning supplies.


How much is a cage for a parrotlet?

Since parrotlets are such small creatures, they don’t require too large of a cage like an African Grey does.

Nevertheless, the bigger the cage is, the better it tends to be a parrot.

Considering they’re going to spend the majority of their lives in a cage, it makes sense to make it as spacious as you can.

With this in mind, you can find a small cage for them around $100, whereas larger cages are well-over $200 to $300.

Whatever decision you end going with, make sure it’s built fine and will fit your parrot well.


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