How Much Does A Caique Cost? (Answered!)

On the grand design of society, many people turn to the adoption of various animals to spruce up their lives.

Examples of pet adoption typically include dogs and cats, but what many people miss out on is the adoption of a parrot.

More specifically, a caique is a beautiful parrot that’s great at learning tricks, has a charismatic and loving personality, and is extremely playful.

As a result, many people are heavily interested in the adoption of a caique.

With this in mind, how much does a caique cost?

To answer this question…a caique costs $1000 to $2000 depending on their health, physical appearance, size, and age. There’s a lot of factors that go into the cost of caique, but since they’re relatively expensive parrots, expect them to be magnificent pets. However, it’s important to note that this cost only covers the initial adoption and nothing else.

It’s always an interesting matter to see the specifics tied to raising a caique.

Considering caiques can live until they’re 40, it’s a long and worthwhile journey to care and love them along the way.

Nevertheless, down below, we’re going to discuss everything there is to know about the costs connected with caiques.

We’re going to discuss their food costs, vet bills, toy costs, and much more.

By the end of it, you’ll know everything there is to know about the costs associated with caiques.

Without giving away too much, let’s dive into the matter!


How much does food cost for a caique?

For starters, food is a fascinating subject when it comes to food.

An important note is how sensitive caiques and all parrots are to a lot of the food we eat.

For those who don’t know, parrots have extremely sensitive digestive systems, which means they can get an upset stomach or sick very easily.

As a result, we need to be aware of everything we feed them and stay away from foods they can’t eat.

Aside from their digestive issues, caiques and all parrots absolutely love a lot of the foods we already eat.

For example, they love nuts, seeds, and fruit, which is something the vast majority already own.

Considering caiques can eat a lot of the food we already have, we can give them a small amount of the food we prepare for ourselves (as long as it isn’t poisonous or harmful to them).

With this in mind, it makes it a lot easier to save on food for a caique since they can eat a lot of the food we already have.

Aside from food they can eat that we eat, make sure you buy bagged parrot food as well.

This will ensure a proper healthy diet with the combination of the two. As a whole, expect to spend $10 to $20 per week on food for your caique.


How much is a vet for a caique?

Similar to food, vet visits are an integral part of a caique’s life.

For those who don’t know, caiques and parrots, in general, have a multitude of health issues that come and go throughout their life.

Of course, the better their diet and lifestyle are, the less likely they’ll be to experience the various complications tied to their life.

For the most part, a standard parrot checkup to the vet costs $50 to $200 depending on the location and services offered by the vet.

Basically, if a vet is located in a wealthy neighborhood, they tend to upcharge compared to a vet in a lower-income neighborhood.

Either way, it’s important to note that just because something costs more doesn’t mean it’s better.

As a result, make sure you pay close attention to the vets available and see which option is best suited for your parrot.

Aside from standard checkup costs, expect to spend several $100 whenever your parrot needs something more serious done.

Whether this is a surgery, medication, or anything outside of a standard checkup, it can be costly.

Nevertheless, here are a few common health issues tied caiques to be aware of:


Heart issues

Liver issues

Kidney issues

How much are toys for a caique?

Aside from the costs associated with the vet and food, many people ignore all other expenses.

Although this is understandable, it shouldn’t since there quite a few additional charges to keep in mind.

For starters, toys are an integral part of a caique’s happiness.

Since caique’s spend a great of their time inside a cage, toys are a great way to keep them entertained and happy along the way.

Plus, caiques absolutely love affection and having fun, which is part of the reason so many people look into adopting them.

For the most part, having a monthly budget of $30 should be more than enough to find the right toys for your caique to enjoy.

Plus, since caiques are fairly rough with their toys like most other parrots, it’ll allow you to buy them replacements when the time comes.


How much are cleaning supplies for a caique?

If you’re already a parrot owner, you understand how expensive cleaning supplies are for caiques.

For those who don’t know, parrots are somewhat messy creatures and have frequent accidents in their cage.

No matter the circumstance, a weekly budget of $10 is a perfect amount for cleaning supplies.

$10 will allow you to comfortably purchase wipes and paper towels for whenever an accident occurs.

Even if they’re cleaner than you expect, it’ll still help you clean their cage whenever something arises.


How much is a cage for a caique?

Out of all of the costs tied to caiques, a cage is arguably the most integral part of the process.

Generally speaking, you can find a caique cage around $200, depending on where you buy it from and how large it is.

Considering caiques are medium-sized parrots, make sure you get a cage that’ll fit them well.

It’s never in your best interest to cheap out since this can potentially cause an issue down the line.

Nevertheless, always be aware of the costs tied to your caique and how you can budget for them.


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