Can Hyacinth Macaws Talk? (Revealed!)

I’ve been looking into getting a new parrot recently, as unfortunately, my old friend Eclectus passed away recently.

I’ve always loved just chatting with him over the years, so the house will be a lot quieter now and it’s been a bit sad.

I’ve been looking into the rarer hyacinth macaw, but an important thing for me about a new parrot is always how much of a talker they are.

I’ve never had a macaw before, so I did some research.

So, can hyacinth macaws talk?

Hyacinth macaws are not the biggest talkers. They will learn a few favorite words or phrases, typically, but they won’t talk very much. They are highly intelligent, but they just don’t express themselves in this way like many other parrots and macaws do.

So, the short answer is yes, they can talk, but not very much.

As far as parrots, generally speaking, go, they don’t talk as much as others.

Of course, there will be some individuals who are the exception to this rule, but you have no guarantee of this.

If you really want a talking parrot, as I do, then I would advise you steer clear of this bird.

Let’s look further into this.


Can macaw parrots talk?

In general, they can, and some are certainly bigger talkers than others.

Any of them will require training and persistence to get them talking in complex words and phrases.

They don’t tend to naturally mimic a huge amount of speech, though as I say they will pick up a few words and phrases.

The Hahn’s macaw is generally considered one of the best talkers of the macaw species, and are even better for the inexperienced owner than other macaws, as they’re a bit smaller.

It does often depend on the individual, as well.

Very often, you will have an anomalous individual in the species who loves to talk and can pick up many words and phrases.

There’s no way of knowing this is the case with your macaw, though, until you’ve already got them.

Hyacinth macaws, though, are usually not big talkers.

Even among macaws, they are considered to be not the best talkers, and so shouldn’t be your first choice if a talking parrot is really what you’re looking for.

Ultimately, though, they can talk, and possess all the physiological requirements needed to be able to talk.

It’s just a case of disposition to speaking in the first place.

But are they loud?


Are hyacinth macaws loud?

Yes, they are.

If you ask this question about literally any parrot, the answer is going to be yes, to varying degrees.

They aren’t usually the biggest talkers, but they still make plenty of noise.

Throughout the day, they will chirp, chatter, sing, and even screech and scream routinely.

If only due purely to their sheer size, macaws and hyacinth macaws are generally considered one of the loudest parrots out there.

Verbal communication is a key part of any parrot’s existence, so if you’re uncomfortable with any level of noise, then consider whether a parrot is really right for you.

If you can handle noise but you’re just not really sure about the hyacinth level of noise, then there are plenty of quieter options, like budgies and quaker parrots.

Either way, though, the parrot will be making incessant noise of one form or another.


Are hyacinth macaws intelligent?

Yes, they are highly intelligent.

Again, all parrots are, really.

There are many ways you can determine the intelligence of an animal.

One of them is emotional intelligence, which hyacinth macaws have in droves.

They form deep, complex bonds with their owners, and can become deeply connected with them throughout their long lives.

They are also highly intelligent in the sense that they need a great deal of stimulation in order to remain happy.

So, you must keep that in mind, too—they will need a lot of attention and/or a partner bird, as well as many toys to play with.

When it comes to talking, though, as I said, they aren’t the most proficient.

But this really has very little to do with their intelligence. It’s just about the natural inclination to mimic sounds they hear.

They don’t do it very much.

Some, though, can arguably even contextualize words they learn.

So, in any case, they are very intelligent.


Which macaw is the best talker?

So, if you’ve your heart set on a macaw but you want a parrot that is a really good talker, which option is for you?

There are a couple of choices.

Whichever macaw you choose, you’re going to need to take time to practice with it.

As I said, the Hahn’s macaw is always a good option.

They are susceptible to training, and with a bit of persistence and good technique, you can train them to memorize fairly complex phrases and even sentences.

In any case, though, be prepared to have to take the time to practice with them—they won’t pick up talking on their own in most cases.

As enchanted as you may be with the beautiful plumage of the hyacinth macaw, if a talking parrot is what you’re looking for, then they may not be your best option.

If you’re happy with a few favorite words and phrases that they will repeat over and over, then you’ll do just fine with a hyacinth macaw.

If you’re looking for something more complex, then consider a different species, like an African Grey or an eclectus parrot.

These are both great talkers.

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