Are Hyacinth Macaws Good Pets? (Answered!)

I was chatting with some friends the other day about all the incredible diversity in parrot species.

They come in virtually every shape, size and color, and with a temperament and mood to match pretty much any of our own dispositions.

One particularly exotic breed that we got talking about was the hyacinth macaw, as blue birds have always captivated him.

He asked whether they are good pets, and though I’ve never owned one, I had done a lot of research on them.

This is what I told him.

Are hyacinth macaws good pets?

Hyacinth macaws are not good for inexperienced owners. They are loud, can be nippy, and can outlive a human lifetime if cared for properly. They’re the largest species of parrot in the world, and so are a real handful. You shouldn’t get a hyacinth macaw unless you have many years of parrot experience.

So, the short answer is yes, if you have a lot of experience keeping parrots.

They are essentially one of the most difficult parrots to keep, not to mention that you are potentially signing up to care for it for the rest of your life.

You need to be absolutely sure of what you’re getting into.

Let’s look further into this.


Is the hyacinth macaw friendly?

Yes, they are friendly, when they are well cared for.

They are vibrant, really lively, and highly intelligent.

The great thing about macaws is that they are able to form highly complex emotional bonds with their owners, and will become deeply bonded to you over the years.

They are extremely sociable, and love to play and interact with humans.

They like to be scratched and petted, and enjoy playing with their toys with you.

They do tend to prefer to do things in pairs, so if you’ve got the time to be around them all the time, then great.

Otherwise, you may need to think about a partner for them.

Without one, they could get lonely, and this could lead to them being grumpy.

Hyacinth macaws can get nippy, as I mentioned, and this can be a problem with such a large bird.

So, the simple answer is yes, they are friendly.

The more complex answer, though, is that they require fairly complex care.

If their needs are met, they are very friendly! If not, they can be a real handful.

As with most parrots, the other main question that people tend to have is about how much noise they produce.


Is the hyacinth macaw loud?

Yes, is the short answer.

Whether or not they are well cared for, they are macaws, and macaws tend to make a lot of noise.

They are extremely loud, to be perfectly honest.

They are known to screech and scream throughout the day, even when they are in a very good mood.

Verbal communication is a key part of how any parrot behaves, and especially macaws.

If you are thinking of getting a macaw, but you are bothered by a lot of loud noise, then the simple answer is that a macaw is not for you.

They are loud, no matter what you do, and will be loud throughout the day.

Not to mention that you should, ideally, have more than one parrot to keep a macaw properly happy. Keeping any kind of macaw is a loud business, so be prepared for that if you are thinking of getting one.


Is a macaw good for beginners?

No, it isn’t.

There is no two ways about that.

Macaws are very difficult birds to keep, and you should only get a hyacinth macaw if you have many years of experience keeping other parrots.

They are large, and boisterous, and if things go wrong with a macaw, they can go really wrong.

Not to mention the cost involved, particularly with a hyacinth macaw.

They often sell for around $12,000, making it a huge investment for something you may not be able to handle.

Any type of macaw is not a good beginner parrot, but particularly the hyacinth macaw.

As I said, they are larger than any other kinds of macaw, and indeed any other kinds of parrot.

You need to think very carefully before seeking to purchase a hyacinth macaw, or any kind of macaw.

Let’s look at which parrots are good for beginners, then.


What is the easiest parrot to own?

The usual advice is that the easiest parrots to own are either cockatiels or parakeets.

These are two smaller parrots, and they are usually parent-reared, meaning they can be easily tamed.

They also make a lot less noise than other species of parrot, and so are generally favored as first-time parrots.

They are still not easy, though, don’t get me wrong.

Owning them is still a commitment, so you need to be sure of what you’re getting into.

For my money, though, the best starter parrot is going to be the cockatiel.

They are friendly, easy going, and with a bit of research and guidance, you’ll have no problem keeping one with no parrot owning experience.


So, as beautiful as you might think hyacinth macaws are, it really is not a good idea to get one unless you know exactly what you’re doing.

Macaws are great pets for those with experience, but if things go south, it can be really bad for both you and the bird.

If you want to own a hyacinth macaw, get some years of experience with something easier first, like a cockatiel or parakeet.

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