How Often Do Conures Lay Eggs?

Conures are among the most popular parrots to keep as pets. My friend has had her green cheek conure for about a year, and recently she was surprised to find an egg in her cage! …

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How Do Lovebirds Mate?

How Do Lovebirds Mate? (Explained!)

The term ‘lovebird’ is so ubiquitous in the English language that most of us use it without ever even thinking of the actual bird. It is used to describe people in love, but there is …

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How Often Do Lovebirds Lay Eggs?

The small lovebird is one of the most popular parrots to keep as pets. In fact, I have many friends that have brought lovebirds into their family. Recently a friend of mine was surprised to …

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Can Parrots Mate with Other Birds?

Can Parrots Mate With Other Birds? (Answered!)

There are approximately 393 species of parrot and 92 genera, typically found in tropical or subtropical regions. There are three families of parrot, true parrots, cockatoos and New Zealand parrots.  Have you ever asked yourself …

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