Best Perch For Cockatiels (Buyers Guide)

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Best Overall Sweet Feet and Beak Comfort Grip Safety Perch

Best Perch For Cockatiels

Best Premium Choice YZJC Parrot Bird Playstand

Best Value For Money Mrli Pet Parrot Perch


Perches are one of the most important accessories you can have for your cockatiel.

Your cockatiel is going to use its perches constantly—perching, for them, is just like standing for us, after all!

If you’ve never owned a parrot before, or even if you have, choosing the right perch can be an incredibly daunting task.

There are so many available and they are all so different.

They all have their own unique benefits, pros and cons, so choosing the right one for your situation is definitely something you’ll want to take a bit of time with.

Today, we’re going to look at some of the best perches for your cockatiel, based on a variety of criteria.

Whether you’re looking to really throw some money into getting your cockatiel the best perch money can buy, or if you just want something simple for a budget price that will still do the job, we’ve got you covered.

Let’s get started.


Sweet Feet and Beak Comfort Grip Safety Perch – Best Overall

Starting off we have a simple, utilitarian perch that will do the job and keep your cockatiel happy in its perch.

This Sweet Feet safety perch is undoubtedly the best overall perch for your cockatiel.

According to both a majority of customers who have bought it, as well as the marketplaces and platforms themselves, this is the best overall perch for a cockatiel.

It has well over 1,500 reviews, 83% of which are four stars or above.

This perch is incredibly lightweight, indeed its one of the lightest perches out there.

Despite that, though, it is made of incredibly strong and durable plastic which ensures it will serve your cockatiel for many years to come.

When it comes to judging the best product overall, durability should definitely be a big factor with your cockatiel’s perch.

The perch helps keep your cockatiel’s feet healthy, providing a smooth surface for the bird’s tender feet.

At the same time, it provides a grippy surface which helps them stay put without much effort, and even at the same time keeping their nails trimmed and healthy.


  • Value for money
  • Durable
  • Lightweight


  • Some report issues with the paint coming off
  • Despite its lightweight build, some still report that it is too heavy.


This perch is definitely a good one, then, in that it meets all the basic criteria while not breaking the bank.

It might not be the fanciest perch out there, but if you’re looking for something that will do the job while still remaining a well-made product, then this could be the right option for you.




YZJC Parrot Bird Playstand—Best Premium Choice

Next up, we have our premium option.

Depending on you and your parrot, you might be someone who really likes to spoil their bird.

To pull out all the stops and not settle for anything less than the best product available.

If this is what you are looking for, then the YZJC parrot bird playstand is without doubt the best premium option.

It features no less than eight dedicated perching spots, as well as swinging ladder for them to walk over and play on, a stationary ladder to climb up, and two swinging perches.

All of this sits above a strong wooden base, keeping the entire build incredibly sturdy for your cockatiel.

There is a convenient metal base which makes cleaning it a breeze.

This is not only a perching spot for your bird.

This is an entire gym for them to work out, in a place for multiple birds to hang out and play, and just generally a spot that they are bound to love.

This perch and playstand is the highest quality item available, and while it sits at a fairly hefty $206, being a lot pricier than any other option on this list, you are without doubt getting the quality you pay for.


  • Multiple perches
  • Incredibly sturdy and durable
  • Easy assembly


  • High price point
  • Takes up a lot of space



So, there’s no doubt that this is a quality item.

While that doesn’t always mean it is the best choice for your situation, this one is certainly a good choice to consider if you’re looking to really spoil your cockatiel.

This perch and play stand features just about everything that you could want out of a perch.


Mrli Pet Parrot Perch – Best Value For Money

Next we have another fantastic perch for your bird which is the best option if you are looking to get the best value for your money.

The Mrli parrot perch is a simple, quality item that will not break the bank.

It does everything you want a perch to do and more, while being one of the cheapest options out there for a perch.

The perch itself is made out of a natural pine material, and the surface features a natural quarts sand rough surface.

This helps your cockatiel keep a grip on it while also sanding down their nails and even exfoliating their feet.

Furthermore, it gives them a great place to preen and maintain their beak, too.

It is a fairly broad perch with a lot of surface area to stand on, which makes it great for a pair of cockatiels.

It comes in multiple colors and is, without doubt, the best value option out there.

Your cockatiels will love playing with it, and it will massively increase their activity level.



  • Excellent value for money
  • Abrasive surface for foot, beak and claw maintenance
  • Wide surface for playing on


  • Lack of durability
  • Some report their cockatiels do not like the flat surface



In summary, this is a great cheap option for your cockatiel.

While alone it won’t be enough to keep your cockatiel from getting bored, it is nevertheless an incredibly high-quality piece of kit for the cheapest price out there.

If you’re looking just for a cheap addition to your cockatiel’s array of other toys and perches, or just looking to get them started, this is a great choice.



Other Notable Mentions

Apart from the best overall, the premium choice and the best value for money. Here are another 3 that came close but just narrowly missed the top spot.


Kathson Natural Parrot Perch

Best Perch For Cockatiels

If you talk to a vet about the best cockatiel perches, then the number one thing they are likely to tell you is that it should be natural wood.

While other perch materials are of course perfectly fine, there are countless advantages to natural wood perches that are hard to overlook.

Obviously, more or less any perch that a cockatiel could use in the wild would likely be wood.

Thinking about their natural habitat is always a great starting point when building up their habitat in your home.

That is where this Kathson natural parrot perch comes in.

This product features two, natural word perches, with both look and feel like the natural wood from which they are made.

They are both large enough that multiple cockatiels could perch on them at once or just that your one cockatiel can move around on it as they wish!

Another great thing about wood perches is that they are great for your cockatiel to chew.

Chewing tough surfaces is a very natural part of cockatiel behavior—as I’m sure you’ll know if you’ve had one for any amount of time.

With simple installation anywhere in the cage, all at an incredibly good price, this is another great value option.


  • Natural wood, mimicking natural environment
  • Large, plenty of space for multiple birds
  • Rough surface for gripping


  • Wood more prone to termites and borer bugs
  • Some report they are smaller than advertised



So, this product definitely gets a lot of things right.

Natural wood should be something you are looking out for in the perches you buy, and you should have at least one or two natural wood perches.

This product is a great option for that reason and at a very reasonable price.

Problems with termites do unfortunately negatively impact this product’s overall rating.



Hamiledyi bird perch stand toy 


A lot of the perch items we have looked at so far have been one or two items.

But many of the perches available online feature whole sets of items, and this is one of the best choices if that’s what you are looking for.

This comes with two large, flat perches with a lot of surface area, as well as four other smaller, rounder, thinner perches.

These can go in many places in your cockatiel’s cage or even in its broader environment.

Different types of perch are a great way to give your cockatiel some options so that it can find the perch and vantage point that it likes the most.

On top of the great variety of items you get in this set, each of them individually is on more or less the same level of quality as the individual items we have looked at so far.

They feature abrasive surfaces for chewing and scratching their feet, as well as being completely non-toxic.

If you have a large flock of cockatiels or you’re just looking to spoil the only one you have, then this is the perch set for you.


  • Features many different perches
  • Easy installation with nuts and screws
  • Quartz sand for beaks and claws


  • Some customers report the item arriving in bad condition
  • Some parrots do not like bright colors



There’s always a lot of advantages to buying a set, so this one is definitely a good choice to consider if you’re looking for a variety of perches to have.

That said, you may get better quality out of buying multiple individual pieces for a higher price—but that’s not to say that the quality of the build in this case is sub-standard.

There’s a trade-off between the price per item and quality.

Rypet Parrot Natural Wood Perch


Finally we have this aesthetically pleasing rounded, u-shape wood perch.

This perch is great for multiple cockatiels or just one, and is unique on this list because it features this unusual u-shape.

This means there’s plenty of space for multiple cockatiels to hang out without getting in each other’s way.

It is a natural wood perch, which makes it great for chewing and scratching nails and feet.

The quality of the wood is excellent, making for an incredibly durable item.

It will last your cockatiels for years even with constant use and weathering.

It can be placed anywhere in the cage for a good vantage point, and your bird can shuffle up and down it to get a better view—depending on what it wants!

It comes in both a large and a small size, price at $11.99 and $14.99 respectively.

For a real wood perch, that is incredibly good value for money.

It’s easy to install with its nuts anywhere in the cage.

Finally, because every perch is unique and different, you’ll get your very own perch that no one else has just the same.

They will all, broadly, fit the U shape, but no one will have one exactly like yours.


  • Natural wood for grinding and chewing
  • Durable
  • Highly affordable


  • Some report a lack of sturdiness after only a short time
  • Easily destroyed by excitable parrots


So, this is definitely a great choice and having a U-shaped perch is really a stunning advantage in more ways than might at first seem apparent.

It saves a lot of space vertically while giving your cockatiel a great amount of space to move around on the perch.

While it might not be quite strong enough for the most destructive of cockatiels, there’s little even the most durable true wood perches can do to solve this problem!




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