Best Cage For Senegal Parrots

Senegal parrots are endowed for their amusing and friendly behavior, that’s what makes them amongst the most common pet parrots.

They are also active and should be provided with a cage that is large enough for them to fly, climb, and play around comfortably.

They are also quite intelligent. Therefore, they need a lot of stimulation.

You need to seriously consider buying a cage with a bird-proof lock since the Senegal parrots are escape artists and would definitely find a way to manipulate the locks.

These parrots are generally affectionate and bond well with their owners. They need a lot of socialization.

Opt for a cage with a play-top for easy interaction with your parrot.


Topeakmart Wrought Iron Selection Play Top Large Parrot Bird Cage

The wrought iron birdcage from Topeakmart is the perfect enclosure for your Senegal parrot, and that is for plenty of reasons.

Measuring at 25.8 x 25.8x 61.3”, the cage offers heaps of flying room, more freedom, and greater comfort.

The wrought iron construction with non-toxic coated texture ensures the cage’s sturdiness as well as your parrot’s safety.

The cage features a heavy-duty button lock that is more durable and higher quality than usual locks. Your bird surely won’t be able to manipulate it and escape.

The thoughtful feeding system allows direct access to the feeding bowls through small feeding doors without having to open the main door.

The cage also has a top playing area with an accent ladder to open the window for better interaction with your feathery pal. The cage features a seed guard and two slide-out top and bottom trays that make cleaning just a breeze. Finally, the cage is easy to move thanks to its easy-sliding base on casters.

Features and benefits

  • The strong and sturdy metal frame, coated with non-toxic paint, ensures great durability as well as your parrot’s safety.
  • The play-top features an accent ladder and two stainless-steel feeding bowls to keep your bird entertained and give you the ability to interact with him more often.
  • Climbing gets more interesting thanks to the horizontal, non-slippery, bars on the sides of the cage.
  • A convenient feeding system that allows filling your parrot’s feeding bowls without having to open the large main door.
  • Heavy-duty button lock to prevent your feathery pal from escaping.
  • Four industrial ball-shaped casters to ensure easy manoeuvring.
  • Two pull-out trays and a seed guard for easy cleaning.


  • Durable and sturdy construction.
  • Cheap to run.
  • Easy to clean, access, and move.
  • Has a nice play-top.
  • A reliable locking mechanism.



  • Assembly is a little time-consuming.
  • Casters don’t have a locking feature.


Product Details

  • Size: 25.8 x 25.8 x 61.3”
  • Bar spacing: 0.6”
  • Brand: Topeakmart


We guarantee that this is going to be the perfect enclosure for your Senegal parrot. For the price, the quality, the size, the extras (5 bowls, rope toy, 2 perches, & ladder) your feathery pal will surely enjoy his stay.

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