Best Cage For Conure Parrots

Today Conure parrots are among the most popular pet birds for two main reasons; their friendly, interactive nature, and their energetic, fun-loving personality.

Although they are small in size, Conure parrots need a relatively large enclosure to flap their wings, fly around and play comfortably.

A perfect home for your feathery pal must also include a variety of toys to keep him entertained and happy.

Another thing you need to consider is the bar spacing since a curious Conure can get his head stuck between the bars quite often. For a Conure, a typical bar spacing ranges from 5/8” to 3/4″.

Finally, Conures sometimes need a little privacy, and they would appreciate having a small tent that dangles from the top and under which they can snuggle. Check them out; there are so many different models on Amazon.

Minimum Cage Size For Conure Parrots

After a lot of extensive research we have come to the conclusion that the minimum cage size for conure parrots should be 24″ x 24″ x 24″

Bar Spacing For Conure Parrots

The bar spacing conure parrots need is 5/8″ to 3/4″

Things To Look Out For When Choosing A Cage For Conure Parrots

  • Cage ought to be enormous enough for Conures to play, stretch their wings, and climb. They’re known for their energetic character and they would appreciate a spacious environment.
  • The cage ought to preferably have a little tent or a wool cottage that dangles from the top in light of the fact that Conures love to snuggle under these things; they use it for privacy.

YAHEETECH 61” inch Playtop Wrought Iron Large Parrot Bird Cage

We chose this 61” birdcage from Yaheetech to be the perfect enclosure for your Conure parrot.

This cage provides heaps of space for your feathery pal to fly around and play comfortably. The perfectly spaced bars and the spacious vertical room also encourage your parrot to climb safely.

The sturdy iron construction is reinforced with heavy-duty locks to make sure that your little friend doesn’t get in trouble.

The cage also features a top playing area with an ascent ladder, two feeding bowls, and a wooden perch. A metal bungee rope that dangles from the top of the cage is included to keep your bird entertained and improve his balance.

Last but not least, cleaning also became almost effortless thanks to the seed guard and the removable trays.

Features and benefits

  • A top playing area with an ascent ladder, feeding bowl, and a wooden perch that gives your parrot the chance to exercise, eat in the open, and even interact with his owner.
  • Sturdy and durable construction to keep your bird safe.
  • The cage has heavy-duty locks; button lock on the cage’s main entrance and hook locks on feeding doors to prevent any attempts of escape.
  • A seed catcher and removable trays to prevent creating a huge mess and make cleaning almost effortless.
  • 4x industrial, easy gliding, wheels that make moving such heavy cage an easy task.


  • Great quality for a reasonable price.
  • Offers heaps of room.
  • Includes a Bungee Rope.
  • Easy to clean and look after.



  • The bottom tray is difficult to manipulate.
  • Assembly can be tricky.


Product Details

  • Size: 61.3 x 25.8 x 25.8
  • Bar spacing: 0.6″
  • Brand: YAHEETECH


It is an excellent cage for a small bird like the Conure. It offers plenty of space, a lot of interesting features, and is a great deal price-wise. Make sure not to miss it.


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