Best Cage For Eclectus Parrots

Eclectus parrots are some of the most popular pet bids to be found around the world. These species are known for their incomparable beauty thanks to their unique colors and fur-like feathers.

They are highly energetic and active birds therefore, make sure to give your feathery pal enough room to spread out and exercise without risk of injury.

Eclectus are highly intelligent and they need a lot of stimulation. Thus you need to provide your bird with lots of toys.

They also need plenty of time outside the cage to interact with you since they are gentle birds who like to bond well with their owners. Opt for a cage with a vast play-top.

When they are not busy playing, these parrots are often so calm and ready to unwind. Therefore, they will not tolerate frantic activity or constant disturbing noise.


Mcage Large Wrought Iron Bird Parrot Cage


We guarantee that this large enclosure from Mcage will be the five-star-home your Eclectus parrot has been waiting for.

The elegant wrought iron construction is coated with a non-toxic powder finish to ensure great durability, sturdiness, as well as your feathery pal’s safety.

Inside this cage, your parrot will definitely have heaps of room to fly and play around comfortably. Thanks to the perfectly spaced horizontal bars on the sides, your parrot can enjoy a unique, risk-free, climbing experience.

The cage also features a huge double-ladder play-top with standing wooden perches and two stainless steel feeding bowls at the top. Refilling your bird’s feeding bowls can’t get any easier thanks to the swivel solid metal feeder doors that prevent spillage.

Not to mention the bottom slide-out grate and metal tray to facilitate cleaning and the 4 heavy-duty casters for easy maneuvering.

Features and benefits

  • Sturdy and durable wrought iron construction, coated with a non-toxic powder finish to ensure your parrot’s safety and great reliability.
  • Provides your parrot with a lot of room to play around and explore. A wide variety of toys can also be sat up inside the cage to keep your bird stimulated.
  • Has a vast play-top area with perches, feeding bowls, and ladders for better interaction between you and your feathery pal.
  • Metal feeder doors facilitate access to the feeding bowls and thanks to their swiveling feature they can prevent spillage.
  • A Bottom Slide-out grate and metal tray to easily clean the cage and look after your bird’s hygiene.
  • The four sturdy swivel casters make moving the cage almost effortless and ensure great mobility and durability.


  • Sturdy and reliable.
  • Quite roomy.
  • Has a fantastic play-top.
  • Easy to access, clean, and move.
  • It features horizontal bars on the sides.


  • Assembly instructions are a bit vague.
  • Feeding doors are large enough for your parrot to escape when they are opened.
  • A Cat can easily reach its claws through the bars of the cage.

Product Details

  • Size: 32 x 30 x 70”
  • Bar spacing: 5/8”
  • Brand: Mcage



Overall this is a fantastic cage for Eclectus parrots. Your feathery pal will surely find great comfort and fully enjoy his stay. Being both sturdy and roomy, it is a place that your bird can proudly call home.

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