Best Avian Vet in San Diego

As tremendous and rewarding raising a parrot might be, there’s a level of responsibility that comes with ensuring everything you do is right for them. With this in mind, it’s incredibly vital for you to make sure your parrot has a great avian vet.

Similar to how it’s necessary to get yourself a reliable doctor throughout your life, this same notion is just as important for your parrot. You never know when your parrot might have a health concern, and they’ll need to visit a vet for some help.

When it comes to your parrot’s safety and health, it’s always a better idea to play the situation safe than it is to throw the dice of chance at it. Nevertheless, down below, we’re going to list off the best avian vets in San Diego for those of you who are moving there or live in San Diego already and are interested in adopting a parrot. Let’s get started!

1. Avian & Exotic Animal Hospital, Inc.

Although some people might have an issue with larger hospitals for the disconnect, a lot of them present toward patients, the Avian & Exotic Animal Hospital doesn’t fall under this category. They indeed have a large team, but their team prides themselves on doing everything right for every pet that goes into their doors.

Address: 1276 Morena Blvd. San Diego, CA 92110

Phone Number: (619) 260-1412

2. Animal & Bird Hospital of Del Mar

Reviews are essential, especially when it comes to veterinary hospitals and how reliable they are for people interested in bringing their parrot there. For a highly reviewed spot, the Animal & Bird Hospital of Del Mar is amongst the highest rated animal hospitals out there.

By offering the very best for your pets, they have a great team of doctors that understand the needs and concerns of your pets. Plus, they have several special offers that you can find right on their website.

Address: 2132 Jimmy Durante Blvd. Del Mar, CA 92014

Phone Number: (858) 755-9351

3. Todd R Cecil, DVM, DABVP-Avian

Personal relationships are significant in the healthcare field, allowing you to get a closer relationship with the doctor or vet for your pet. With this in mind, Todd R Cecil is an excellent avian vet who has been in the field for a long time and is worth checking out.

Address: 5232 Jackson Drive, La Mesa, CA 92120

Phone Number: (619) 462-4800

4. Pet Hospital of Penasquitos-Veterinary Specialist

For a large hospital, the Pet Hospital of Penasquitos is an excellent option to consider in the vet world for the excellent care they provide to every pet that enters their hospital. Plus, they have a great veterinary specialist perfect for any parrot.

Address: 9888 Carmel Mountain Road, San Diego, CA 92129

Phone Number: (858) 484-3490

5. Morena Pet Hospital

As far as San Diego vets are concerned, the Morena Pet Hospital is one of the most popular vets, and rightfully so. They believe in caring for pets and offering the best possible care they’re able to do for every pet.

Address: 1540 Morena Blvd. San Diego, CA 92110-3730

Phone Number: (619) 275-0888

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