Best Avian Vet In Jacksonville

When it comes to raising a parrot, there is a monumental level of responsibility attached to the matter for you to properly raise them. Considering we all have an endless supply of ideas and things to do in our life, it can be particularly challenging to actually raise a parrot.

However, as long as you take the proper amount of time to properly raise your parrot, you should be golden in the long run. Still, there comes the point where they might need some emergency treatment that you can’t give them, thus, why a vet is so required in a parrot’s life.

Just like most of us have a doctor we can go to at any point, there are plenty of avian vets available for your parrot. Nevertheless, if you live in Jacksonville, Florida, or have plans to move to the gorgeous city, down below will list off five of the best avian vets for you to consider for your parrot. Let’s take a look at what these vets are.

1. Exotic Bird Hospital

If you’re a parrot owner, you more than likely have an abundance of parrots you’re raising. If this is the case, you should heavily consider the Exotic Bird Hospital. This excellent spot features a team of professional and caring vets that’ll be perfect for everything you’ll need and more.

The hospital first opened in 1995 with the primary purpose of providing expert care to every pet that walks through its doors. Besides vet services for birds, the hospital specializes in rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, and more.

Address: 8820 Old Kings Rd S, Jacksonville, FL 32257

Phone Number: (904) 256-0043

2. Mandarin Veterinary Clinic

If you’re searching for quality and friendly vet care, check out the Mandarin Veterinary Clinic. This excellent vet clinic promises to give personal attention to every pet who requires care and treatment. The entire team behind the clinic is genuinely dedicated to helping your pet’s needs, definitely give this spot a consideration.

Address: 11587 San Jose Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32223

Phone Number: (904) 268-8880

3. VCA Fleming Island Animal Hospital

Those searching for an animal hospital that isn’t located in Jacksonville’s busy city, consider the VCA Fleming Island Animal Hospital. This incredible full-service hospital specializes in treating cats, dogs, birds, pocket pets, ferrets, rabbits, mice, hedgehogs, and more. As far as versatility is concerned, you won’t find a better animal hospital.

Address: 4711 US-17, Orange Park, FL 32003

Phone Number: (904) 264-7387

4. Animal Clinic of Oceanway

Similar to the VCA Fleming Island Animal Hospital, the Animal Clinic of Oceanway is a perfect animal clinic for those searching for a fair priced vet. Not only are their prices reasonable, but they promise to give excellent care to any pet that requires it.

Address: 12837 N Main St, Jacksonville, FL 32218

Phone Number: (904) 757-4254

5. Fort Caroline Animal Clinic

The Fort Caroline Animal Clinic is one of the best animal clinics in Jacksonville and offers a 50 percent discount for any pet’s first exam. If this deal doesn’t entice you enough, they have an app and easy accessibility for anyone interested in having their parrot attend there.

Address: 5844 Fort Caroline Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32277

Phone Number: (904) 744-1100

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