Best Avian Vet in Charlotte (Revealed!)

As the warmer months begin to fade in the United States, many Americans in the North East turn their attention to the south as a way to escape the cold if they’re fortunate enough to move.

Whether you live somewhere like Charlotte, North Carolina, or have plans to move there someday, you know how great it is to have warm weather all-year-round.

With the subject of a city like Charlotte, many of you might be wondering what this southern city has to do with parrots.

Well, if you plan on moving to Charlotte or already live there and have plans to adopt or already have a parrot, you should be aware of some of the best avian vets in the city.

There isn’t a more critical area on the parrot world’s grand scheme when it comes to a subject like avian vets since it’s such an integral part of a parrot’s longevity.

Plus, it’s very straightforward and easy to get your parrot a vet, as long as you take the time necessary to get them one.

Nevertheless, down below, we’re going to discuss five of the best avian vets in Charlotte.


1. Carmel Road Animal Hospital

If you’re looking for an animal hospital that’s open seven days a week with extended hours, definitely consider the Carmel Road Animal Hospital.

This excellent establishment offers everything from microchipping to skincare.

Definitely give them a shot if you have a parrot that needs a vet.


Address: 7510 Pineville-Matthews Rd #15A, Charlotte, NC 28226

Phone Number: (704) 900-6039


2. Atrium Animal Hospital & Wellness Center

The Atrium Animal Hospital & Wellness Center has a more modern and holistic approach to treating all pets that enter its doors.

They offer unique services such as acupuncture, essential oils, and rehab services.

Everything they offer can be found on their website, as well as their contact information.


Address: 6520 McMahon Drive, Charlotte, NC 28226

Phone Number: (704) 542-2000


3. Queen City Animal Hospital

For a more traditional animal hospital, Queen City Animal Hospital promises to deliver exceptional care with sustaining the vitality of all of its patients at the forefront.

They offer many services, such as wellness checkups, surgical services, medicine, laser therapy, and emergency care.


Address: 920 Belmont Ave, Charlotte, NC 28205

Phone Number: (603) 703-1414


4. River Run Animal Hospital

River Run Animal Hospital combines traditional and holistic treatment services ranging from nutritional counseling to advanced digital x-rays.

They have an excellent team that should be worth noting while looking for a vet for your parrot.

Definitely take a closer look at the wide range of services they offer on their website.


Address: 6250 Caden Rd, Charlotte, NC 28278

Phone Number: (704) 486-5710


5. Archdale Animal Hospital

The Archdale Animal Hospital promises to give quality veterinary service to all of its clients and a wide range of medical services and preventive care.

Some of its services include wellness care, vaccines, surgery, pain-control, microchipping, and much more.


Address: 1319 Archdale Dr, Charlotte, NC 28217

Phone Number: (704) 552-2333

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