Best Avian Vet In Austin (Revealed!)

Texas is a beautiful and warm state, and with more and more people coming to this realization, there is a massive storm of moves being made to the city of Austin.

Austin is a hip and vibrant city that any person or family should consider moving to if they’re interested in somewhere new.

Since you’re on a parrot website, you might be wondering what the city of Austin has to do with parrots and why we’re discussing this.

Well, if you’re moving to Austin or live in Austin and have plans to adopt a parrot, you might be wondering what you should do vet-wise.

Considering parrots have so many health issues throughout their life, it makes sense why a vet is such a needed area for them.

No matter how healthy you might raise your parrot, it’s always in your best interest to get them an excellent and reputable vet if you can.

With this in mind, let’s discuss five of the best avian vets in Austin, Texas.


1. Westgate Pet & Bird Hospital

Whenever a hospital or vet has a specialty in the avian field, it’s always a must for parrot owners to heavily consider on their list.

With this in mind, the Westgate Pet & Bird Hospital is a versatile and incredible pet hospital that features an excellent avian vets team.

Since being founded in 1986, the team behind Westgate Pet & Bird Hospital has expanded and added a wide range of services to every pet that enters the facility.

All in all, if you have a lot of pets on top of your parrot, definitely consider this place.


Address: 4534 West Gate Blvd #100, Austin TX, 78745

Phone Number: (512) 892-4463


2. Pet & Bird Clinic

Similar to the Westgate Pet & Bird Hospital, the Pet & Bird Clinic is an excellent smaller clinic to consider if you’re more into a personal atmosphere.

This small team understands everything your pet might need and promises to give you everything they’ll need and more.


Address: 403 E Ben White Blvd, Austin TX, 78704

Phone Number: (512) 462-0002


3. Research Boulevard Pet & Bird Hospital

For a heavily science-based and state-of-the-art equipment vet, the Research Boulevard Pet & Bird Hospital is an excellent high-quality vet.

Although their prices may seem a bit expensive, they’ll provide you with nothing but perfection.


Address: 11679 Research Blvd, Austin TX, 78759

Phone Number: (512) 258-2577


4. Star of Texas Veterinary Hospital

Since you’re in Texas, you might as well pick a vet with an incredibly Texas name.

All jokes aside, the Star of Texas Veterinary Hospital promises to each of its clients like a family member despite having a larger hospital feel.

All in all, an excellent establishment to consider.


Address: 10706 Brodie Ln, Austin TX, 78748

Phone Number: (512) 377-9800


5. Austin Veterinary Diagnostic Hospital

The Austin Veterinary Diagnostic Hospital believes in having a culture of continuous change and improvement in its hospital and facility.

They believe in new innovations in veterinary medicine and aims to compassionately provide the most formidable quality care available for your pets.


Address: 9324 US-290, Austin TX, 78736

Phone Number: (512) 288-1040


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