Are Caiques Cuddly? (Answered!)

I’ve been thinking about adding a new parrot to my family recently.

When I first got a parrot, I had my heart set on a caique, but my research showed me that it probably wasn’t the best choice for a new parrot owner.

I’ve got a lot of experience under my belt now, so I think it’s time.

My son asked me, though, whether he would be able to cuddle with our new caique in the same way he can with the parrots we have at the moment.

I wasn’t sure, so I decided to look into it.

So, are caiques cuddly?

Yes, caiques are very cuddly and love attention. As with any parrot, you will need to take the time forming a bond before they will be cuddly, but once you’ve got the bond down, they will love attention and affection. But you’ve got to respect their boundaries at first, and be patient.

Caiques, like many parrots, are unique among pets for their ability to form deep bonds with their owners.

They will get to know you very well, and bond deeply with you.

If you can provide for their needs, both physical and emotional, you will have a very affectionate bird.

Let’s look further into this.


Do caiques snuggle?

Yes, caiques do enjoy snuggling, both with you and with other caiques.

Particularly when they are sleeping, they like to snuggle and huddle up with one another, and you may often find it snuggling you and falling asleep with you when it’s near you.

They like to nuzzle you, as well, which is one of the purest forms of expression in caiques and all parrots alike.

Obviously, snuggling with a little tiny bird like that can be difficult, so the nuzzling is one of the ways caiques do it.

In any case, caiques are very good at expressing themselves physically, and will do so frequently.

However, as I said, they won’t just be this way with everyone.

You’ll need to both develop their general trust of humans and build up a specific relationship between the two of you at the same time.

Building a relationship with a caique can take time, and this is one of the reasons they are not often recommended as beginner parrots.

You would do much better to have a good amount of experience raising an easier species first.

All that said, in the right circumstances, your caique will be very snuggly.

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Are caiques affectionate?

Yes, they are, with of course the added caveat, again, that they won’t just automatically be affectionate.

You need to be able to take the time to build that relationship before they will be especially affectionate.

That said, once you have, they are uniquely affectionate among parrots.

Like many species, in the wild they mate for life, so this gives you an idea of the complexity of the relationships they are able to form.

They will come to know and recognise you, to get excited at your arrival and to be very eager to interact and hang out with you.

I will get into exactly how they show their affection soon, but the overall point is that they are deeply affectionate, even loving parrots.

Once more, though, you will need to take time to build this relationship—patience is key.


How do caiques show affection?

They show affection in many ways, but one of the best times to watch is when you approach them after being away for a while.

If they seem excited, flapping their tail up and down, making a lot of noise, or even bopping along and up down their perch, then this is one way they show affection.

They will also preen you and groom you, nibbling on your ears and hair.

Again, wanting to be physically near you is a huge milestone for them.

There are many ways they show affection, but these are some of the most common.


Can I hold my caique?

Yes, you can, with two important caveats.

For one, never force the interaction.

If your caique doesn’t want to be held on a particular day, leave it alone.

And, two, just to reiterate this again, handling is a big milestone.

You won’t be able to handle them straight away.

You will need to take the time and patience to build the relationship.


So, as long as you’re willing to put the work in to build the bond, your caique will be a very cuddly and affectionate bird.

They love attention and, in fact, they need it to be happy.

Owning a parrot is not much like owning other common pets, like dogs and cats.

They have, you might say, such highly developed social brains that you will have to set special time aside every day to keep them happy.

If you can manage this, your caique will be very cuddly.

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