Why Do Parakeets Kiss Each Other?

The other day I was sat outside and saw two birds cuddling up to one another.

From there I have been considering how parrots show their affection, particularly parakeets.

Is it a sign of affection, mating, or a sign of something else? 

So, why do parakeets kiss each other?

Kissing between parakeets is often a sign of affection and acceptance, although it is not always as straightforward as this as it can be a sign of them wanting food. It can be a sign of courtship and normally happens during the breeding season in Spring when the birds share food.

Rather than it being like human love, it is more akin to a sign of friendship between two birds. Seeing birds kiss is far more common than you would originally think! 


What does a parakeet’s kiss mean? 

For many birds, and parakeets, it can be a simple sign of friendship and a way of showing affection.

Parakeets ‘kiss’ by locking beaks together or bumping their beaks together, that is why we often assume it to be kissing.

Parakeets who are friends can also be seen grooming one another, cuddling, and sleeping next to one another.

This kissing is a sign of fondness, love, and platonic love between parakeets. 

During moments of what humans see as kissing, parakeets are often passing food between one another.

So even though, it is not necessarily kissing it is still a form of affection to parakeets. 


How do parakeets show affection? 

Kissing is a sign of affection where the parakeets touch beaks that has the appearance of kissing.

The parakeets imitate the act of kissing to show affection to their friend or mate.

Often during this, they can pass food between one another’s beaks.

So, it can signify a means of survival. 

Although, they can show affection in a variety of ways, preening and sharing food.

This ‘kissing’ has a multitude of meanings and signifies the relationships between parakeets. 


How can you tell if parakeets are kissing? 

You will often notice parakeets kissing when their beaks are locked or hitting off one another.

Other clear signs that your parakeets are kissing when their eyes are closed, they’re purring, sitting together, chirping, and bobbing their heads.

When parakeets kiss one another, it is amongst those they trust and heightens their relationships. 


Why do parakeets kiss? 

Parakeets can kiss for a variety of reasons like exploration, preening, and feeding.

Often these kisses are a sign of affection, but they can have a multitude of reasons why.

From preening to exploration these kisses can be a key interaction between parakeets. 

A parakeet’s beak is the most important part as it allows them a multitude of senses and abilities.

Therefore, their beak is a tool used to experiment and explore their surroundings, their strength, and the patience of their companions when they ‘kiss’. 

Preening also may seem like the parakeets are kissing as they help groom one another where their own beaks cannot reach.

This allows the relationships between parakeets to improve as their trust heightens. 

Another reason why parakeets ‘kiss’ is to feed one another or to indicate they want food.

Feeding helps improve the relationship between parakeets.

Although, it is hard to notice the passing of food between parakeets and therefore it is often easier to think of it as ‘kissing’. 

Especially as this kissing can easily be confused for aggressive behavior or biting. 


The difference between kissing and biting

As an owner, you will need to be aware of the difference between feeding from the beak and biting.

If a parakeet bites the beak of another parakeet, it can be an indicator of their mood as it may be a sign that they are upset.

It could be for a multitude of reasons or that the birds do not get along well. 

For any owner, it is important to recognize and keep note of any hostile behavior.

Yet, other signs come alongside this hostile behavior.

Paying close attention to a parakeet’s body language, behavior, and attitude towards the other parakeets will make the difference between kissing and biting clear.

The clear signs are often raised wings, screaming, hissing, aggressive biting, amongst others. 


Is there a connection to mating? 

During these moments of kissing, parakeets can feed one another, and this is often called courtship feeding.

Male parakeets will find seeds to feed their female mate, to provide them with the nutrition to prepare them for reproduction. 

Courtship is not just limited to male and female parakeets but can be same sex orientated or even court their owner.

In moments of courtship, a representation of their love for one another is shown through sharing food with one another, which we often mistake as kissing.


How do you know if your parakeet likes you? 

In some cases, parakeets will cuddle or kiss you although this is far more unlikely for a parakeet to show their affection to a human in the same way.

Parakeets very rarely kiss anyone than other birds who they trust deeply.

Parakeets are known for showing their affection and would normally chirp and peck at their owner’s hair.

They are known for being social and affectionate with their owners.

If a parakeet cuddles their owner, then it is a sign of trust. 

Due to this, parakeets are highly intelligent and can form relationships with humans.

When parakeets kiss one another, it is a sign of fondness and love between one another.

This kissing is often mistaken as parakeets preening one another and sharing food with one another.

Yet, this interaction between parakeets is an important one.

The action of kissing between parakeets has multiple meanings and reasons as it signifies the relationship between the parakeets.

The ‘kissing’ signifies the relationship between parakeets and owners, yet it also has a multitude of reasons. 

Preening, feeding, exploration, and affection are all reasons for this kissing.

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