How Long Do Eclectus Parrots Live?

When it comes to a parrot and raising them, their lifespan is usually the most discussed area before anything else. Considering we all want our parrots to live as long as possible, it makes for a fascinating discussion to see how we can lengthen their lifespan. On top of that, it’s also worthwhile to see what can potentially harm them and shorten their lifespan, since it’s just as valuable as information in the opposite spectrum.

With this in mind, how long do Eclectus parrots live?

To answer this question…Eclectus parrots typically have an average lifespan of 30 years. Still, the matter’s specifics aren’t too known since they weren’t kept in captivity until the 1980s. However, just like any other parrot, how you raise them and care for them can do wonders and allow them to be in this world significantly longer.

If you’re someone who is considering adopting an Eclectus parrot or has hopes to adopt one, look no further, as we’re going to discuss everything you’ll need to know about the subject. We’ll go over the specifics of Eclectus parrots and their average lifespan. By the end of it, you’ll have a wide range of information available for you to dissect and look back on whenever you have a question regarding their health.

Still, remember that experts such as avian vets are there for a reason, so make sure you go to them as well if you’re interested in caring for your Eclectus parrot in the best way. Considering these parrots are such magnificent creatures, it’s always worthwhile to do what you can to ensure their lifespan is as long as it can be. Nevertheless, let’s take a look at how long they live in captivity vs. the wild, what shortens their lifespan, and ways you can lengthen their lifespan!

How long do captive Eclectus Parrots live?

Sources vary with how long Eclectus parrots live in captivity, with some saying they typically only have an average lifespan of 30 years. In contrast, other experts will claim they live as long as 50 to 75 years. The truth most likely lives somewhere in the middle, but realize the way you raise them can significantly alter their longevity.

Like any other parrot species, Eclectus parrots live a lot longer in captivity than they do in the wild. This is primarily due to parrots not having to worry about prey, having more food, and an all-around better life in captivity than they would in the wild.

Of course, some humans aren’t the best for parrots, and they’d probably be better in the wild for this example. Still, for the most part, parrots typically hit the lottery when they have a caring human guardian to watch over for them and fulfill all of their needs.

How long do wild Eclectus Parrots live?

Compared to Eclectus parrots in captivity, wild Eclectus parrots have a shortened lifespan but not as much as you might think. Unlike some animals that are frequently preyed upon in the wild, parrots don’t have too much to worry about and can live a long time in the wild.

Thus, Eclectus parrots typically live around 30 years in the wild as long as they have a good amount of food available, and environmental disasters don’t force them to move. Predators are a significant worry as well, but since parrots can fly, they do have the ability to get away from much danger.

Still, predators do present an added threat that parrots typically don’t experience when they’re in the comfort of someone’s home. Obviously, there are freak accidents that can happen to a parrot, such as a cat getting in their cage. Still, other than that, they’re typically fine.

What shortens an Eclectus Parrots lifespan?

Usually, when people want to figure out how they can have their parrot longer in this world, they tend to look for healthy ways to boost their longevity. However, it’s important to note that realizing what harms them is just as crucial as actually boosting their health and longevity.

Considering there’s plenty of reasons why a parrot might not live as long as they should, all parrot owners must make a note of them. Even if the examples aren’t applicable to their living situation or how they are with their parrot, it’s worth knowing. Let’s take a look!

Predators Attacking Them

As with any wild animal, predators are a natural part of the wild and will attack smaller creatures and prey when they’re hungry. Whether it’s a wolf going for a deer or a snake attacking a parrot, all of it can happen and is responsible mainly for parrots having a shortened lifespan in the wild.

However, when an Eclectus parrot is being raised by you, you won’t have to worry about another animal attacking them. Obviously, if you have a pet snake or a cat, you have to be careful with them around your parrot, and realize what can happen if either gets ahold of your parrot.

Food Shortages or Not Feeding Them Enough

Similar to humans, a parrot can’t live without having enough food. Even if the food is technically insufficient for them like chips are for humans, food is food, and will keep giving them the energy to live longer. Thus, food shortages in the wild or humans who don’t feed their parrots enough can cause a significant amount of harm to them both.

Thus, it makes for an interesting discussion to see how you can ensure you feed your parrot enough. Besides not providing them enough, also be mindful of overfeeding them, as that can cause a significant hindrance on their overall health as well. Basically, always be aware of the specifics related to this ordeal.

Salt, High in Fat, and Sugary Foods

When it comes to raising a parrot on your own, you need to be mindful of food that’s bad for them. Generally speaking, anything high in salt, fat, or sugar can cause them to have a shortened lifespan. Obviously, these components won’t kill them immediately, but it’ll have a slow deterioration in their life.

Poisonous Food

Besides food that’s technically deemed as being unhealthy for a parrot is the food spectrum that’s far worse; poisonous food. Eclectus parrots and all parrots, for that matter have a lot of allergies, making it a must for people to take a close examination as to what’s deemed okay and not okay for a parrot to consume.

Infrequent Vet Visits

By now, you more than likely are aware of the importance related to bringing your parrot to the vet and how it can do wonders for their health. Whether it’s an emergency visit, a general health checkup, or basic questions, all of it is essential for a parrot to experience. Thus, not getting them a vet or bringing them at all can hurt their health in more ways than you might not realize.

How do you help an Eclectus Parrot live longer?

For a more discussed area in the topic of the average lifespan of a parrot, we have the subject of helping your Eclectus parrot living longer. Considering every parrot owner wants to have their parrot live longer, it’s always an important area for people to take a closer examination at.

Plus, it’s always good practice to treat your parrot like they’re a fellow human who deserves a healthy lifestyle. Nevertheless, down below, we’re going to discuss a wide range of information related to helping your parrot’s longevity and what you can do in a practical manner. Let’s take a look!

Give them Plenty of Exercise

As with any other subject related to an animal and their longevity, exercise is key to staying active and healthy. As for your parrot, play with them and bring them outside with a leash so they can stay active and get the exercise they need. Daily implementations of this can go a long way for them in the long run.

Make Sure They’re on a Healthy Diet

As great as it is to exercise, you can’t exercise away a bad diet, making it particularly important for parrots to have a healthy diet. Make sure you feed a wide range of vitamin and nutrient-dense food that is low in salt and fat. Also, be mindful of the portions you’re giving them and that it’s a perfect amount for them to consume.

Bring them to the Vet Frequently

As we discussed earlier, vets are extremely important for all animals to go to as they’ll be able to treat them if something is wrong and, more importantly, give them checkups to see if something is potentially wrong. Plus, it’s always ideal to have a reliable person you can go to for your parrot whenever an issue or a question arises.

Give Them Attention and Love

For a slightly less talked about area, make sure you give your parrot plenty of attention and love. Since parrots are such social creatures, they tend to seek out a significant amount of love and affection. Considering both play a vital role in the longevity of a parrot, do what you can to keep them happy.

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