Do Parakeets Need a Companion? (Answered!)

The world is full of messages about finding “the one” and living happily ever after.

We are constantly bombarded with messages about courting and companionship.

Whether it’s in the movies, advertisements or within our own families, we are exposed to stories of love and seeing the happiness that companionship brings.

Relationships, whether they be romantic or friendly, have been proven vital for humans.

Do our pets yearn for relationships? Do parakeets need a companion?

In general, parakeets do better with a companion, so finding a companion for your parakeet is an excellent option. Keeping a parakeet alone puts your pet at risk of loneliness and isolation. Parakeets are social creatures and benefit greatly from bonding with another bird. Before choosing a companion, there are a few things to consider.

You want the best for your pet, so this article will provide all the information you need to provide a long, healthy life for your parakeet.

We will explore whether a parakeet can live alone, if it’s better to live alone or in pairs and what role gender plays in parakeet companionship.

We’ll also cover if your budgie can die from loneliness and if you can keep her with other bird breeds.


Can a parakeet live alone?

There are many reasons why you might want to own a single parakeet.

Perhaps you feel like you can only take care of one pet.

Or maybe you are hoping to see more affection from your bird.

When living solo, your parakeet will see you as part of her flock and will typically display more affectionate behavior towards you.

Single parakeets are more temperament and friendlier to humans.

They even tend to seek out more physical contact from humans because they don’t have a companion.

Single parakeets are also easier to train.

If your goal is to teach your parakeet to talk or perform tricks, then keeping just one parakeet will be much easier.

Your parakeet will become more attached to you and more responsive.

If your bird has a companion then they will focus more on socializing with each other than with you.

Parakeets are social creatures, so if you are keeping your bird alone it will become lonely if left all day.

If you have a busy schedule or are away from the house all the time, you might consider getting a pair of budgies to prevent your pet from becoming too lonely.

If your goal is to socialize with your parakeet and teach her tricks, then you can consider buying one parakeet at a time.

You can raise them and bond with them individually and then put the birds together.


Are parakeets better alone or in pairs?

Parakeets are much happier in pairs because they need a companion of some description.

This means you should either get another bird or be prepared to be your bird’s companion yourself.

This will require spending significant amounts of time with your parakeet on a daily basis.

So if you don’t have the time your parakeet needs, then your bird will greatly benefit from being paired up with a companion.

Having a second bird will provide valuable social time.

Your parakeets will serenade each other, preen one another and play.

Parakeets need a lot of exercise to stay vibrant and healthy so keeping them in pairs will make it easier to exercise together.


What role does gender play?

Keeping female parakeets together

Between females and males, females are the more dominant parakeet gender.

If you get two female budgies they will get into conflicts and squabble.

These fights can even become more physical and the two females could potentially hurt each other.

If you do choose to get two female parakeets, you should probably keep them in different cages.

Overall, it’s best to avoid getting two females to avoid potential problems.

Keeping male parakeets together

Since males are the less dominant gender, keeping two together is a great option.

Male budgies generally get along and are fine to share one cage.

If you already have a male parakeet, consider getting him a male buddy.

You should still make sure that the cage is big enough for both males to comfortably cohabitate, because there is no guarantee they will get along.

Typically, two male parakeets can live happily together.

Keeping male and female parakeets together

When you pair a male and female parakeet together you need to provide a large cage with plenty of space.

Male and female pairings can often be positive, but conflicts may still occur.

While male and females don’t usually squabble over territory, females can reject the male if she doesn’t consider him to be a good mate.

If this happens she might even attack the male and try to keep him away.

This is why having a large cage is essential.

Your male parakeet will need a place to escape and hide.

If the male and female like each other, there is the possibility they will mate, leaving you with adorable parakeet babies.

They could make for a happy couple the rest of their lives, but be prepared for the possibility of multiplying budgies.


Can a parakeet die of loneliness?

A happy parakeet spends her day playing and being loud.

When your parakeet has no one to play with, they can become severely lonely.

You need to pay attention if your budgie is quiet and inactive throughout the day.

If they aren’t suffering from any illnesses or diseases, this behavior could be a sign of loneliness which can lead to death.

If your bird is lonely you should spend more time socializing with them or find a parakeet companion.

Companionship is necessary, so make sure you are heeding the signs of loneliness and taking measures to socialize with your bird.

Provide them with a companion so they can live a long and happy life.


Can you keep parakeets with other birds?

Parakeets can peacefully mix with other small birds, but shouldn’t be paired with larger parrots like cockatiels.

If a parakeet is living with a larger bird, they may become intimidated or be bullied.

You should also consider that different breeds have different dietary needs, so you need to make sure the right bird is getting the right food and that one isn’t eating everything.

If you have a large cage, parakeets do quite well with Zebra finches, canaries or even doves.

If you have an outdoor aviary or bird house then you can even keep parakeets and quail together.

However, if you have a smaller cage or confined space then you should avoid mixing parakeets with other birds to avoid bullying and tension.

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