Do African Greys Get Along With Other Birds? (Revealed!)

If you’re an animal lover like me, you probably love adding new pets to your family.

Animals bring joy into our lives and can brighten our day.

Keeping multiple pets is a great way to encourage bonding and social interaction.

Many people keep multiple birds at home.

If you have an African Grey parrot, you’ve probably wondered if they get along with other birds.

African Greys are social and often get along well with other birds, but it’s not guaranteed. These parrots are among the smartest of birds and need social interaction. Just like humans, sometimes they get along with other birds, and sometimes they don’t. If they don’t have a companion bird, they will bond to you, making you their companion.

This article will explore whether African Greys can live with other birds and if they even need a companion in the first place.

We will also cover various bird combinations and tips for determining if you can pair African Grey parrots with budgies, cockatiels, macaws, or conures.


Can African Greys live with other birds?

African Greys are highly intelligent animals and love social interaction.

Living in pairs can be beneficial for an African Grey’s health.

However, African Greys will not get along with every single bird.

There is no guarantee your African Grey will live peacefully with a different species.

It’s generally advised to mix parrots of the same size and to adopt them during their early stages in life.

If you raise two African Greys together from a young age they are likely to develop a strong bond.

African Grey parrots make strong bonds that last for life.

They can live with other birds when provided with enough space.

Don’t keep these parrots with other birds in small cages because it can cause them to become aggressive.


Do African Grey parrots need a companion?

Many birds require social interaction to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Parrots are particularly social and often do well living with a companion.

African Grey parrots practice monogamy in the wild, so having a companion can help them feel at home.

When an African Grey doesn’t have a parrot companion, they will seek another partner.

Most of the time the owner assumes this role.

If you don’t have sufficient time to spend playing with your parrot and giving them the love and social interaction they need, then getting a companion bird is a great option.

However, parrots are a lot like humans.

They don’t along with every bird, so it’s important to find a compatible companion.


Do African Greys get along with parakeets?

It’s possible to keep a parakeet or as the English call them, budgie with an African Grey, but there are a few things you should keep in mind.

In the wild, budgies thrive in flocks.

They enjoy the company of other birds, even of different species.

So hypothetically, pairing a budgie with an African Grey shouldn’t be a problem.

The best way to house an African Grey with a budgie is to adopt them together when they are young.

These two are more likely to get along if they are raised together and given ample time to bond.

You can also adopt African Greys and budgies later on in life, but you’ll have to be more careful with them.

It’s best to keep them in separate cages next to each other so they have time to observe one another and become familiar with their behaviors.

You can then try putting them in the same cage but only do so while you are watching.

This ensures you can intervene if they start to get aggressive and fight.


Do African Greys and cockatiels get along?

Cockatiels are significantly smaller than African Greys.

It’s possible that putting a cockatiel with an African Grey parrot can work out.

If your parrot takes to your cockatiel they can live peacefully together.

But if your parrot doesn’t like the cockatiel or becomes agitated, it can inflict serious harm on this small bird.

An African Grey’s beak is so large it can fit a cockatiel’s whole head inside!

If you want to pair your African Grey with a cockatiel you shouldn’t leave them in the same cage without supervision.

Keep a watchful eye over your birds to ensure everyone is living in harmony.

You can test it out for a few days and see how the birds react to each other.

This will help you understand if your African Grey will get along will a cockatiel.


Do macaws and African Greys get along?

As with the other combinations, macaws and African Greys can get along but it’s not guaranteed.

In this situation, macaws have the size advantage meaning they could cause serious harm to your African Grey.

Macaws are generally well-tempered and mellow.

They love to play, but this can quickly turn into rough-housing due to their size.

Macaws are social like African Greys, so if the pair grow fond of each other it’s possible they can live quite harmoniously together.

If they don’t take a liking to one another they can become aggressive and hurt each other.


Can you keep an African Grey and conure together?

You can keep conures and African Greys together, but keep in mind that they are different species with many different qualities.

Conures have loud and active personalities and are much smaller in size than African Grey parrots.

They love to play, but if they provoke an African Grey, the parrot can take a conure out in a single bite.

As with most cases, you should get separate cages if you intend to keep both an African Grey and a conure.

This protects each bird and gives them time to become familiar with one another from a distance.


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