Can Parrots Eat Christmas Pudding?

It is that time of the year again. We’re all surrounded by the ones we love and our lovely parrots are singing a happy Christmas song.  Just like humans, parrots appreciate a delicious Christmas feast. Giving your parrot a treat every once in a while is precious, particularly on such occasions.

No man can resist a delicious Christmas pudding, not even your parrot. He will give you that docile look with every bite you take. Afterward you begin wondering, can parrots eat christmas pudding?

The answer to the question, can parrots eat christmas pudding, is yes they can.. They are safe and can make a delicious treat. They are full of healthy fats and fruits. They can furnish your fledgling with vitality. Such treats can likewise keep your feathered creature warm during the festive season. Be that as it may, it must be served with some restraints.

Christmas is the high-calorie season. Normally, a dessert would mean more undesirable high calories however, not the Christmas puddings. Comprising a decent measure of fiber-rich elements such as dried fruits, nuts, and currants, a Christmas pudding makes the most advantageous and most remarkable Christmas dessert.

What Is A Christmas Pudding Made Of And How Can The Ingredients Affect My Parrot?

Making homemade Christmas puddings is nothing but fun and passion. There are various types and you can choose what ingredients to use. For a fact, the base ingredients are dried fruits, nuts, and spices.

Dried Fruits

Fruits are a mainstay of your parrot’s eating regimen. Feeding your adorable little feathery pal some dried fruits is a decent treat.

Our traditional Christmas puddings are brimming with notorious dried fruits such as the sultanas, apricots, and pears. They are rich in fiber, vitamins, micronutrients, and antioxidants which have plenty of health benefits.

Dried fruits found in the Christmas puddings are packed with essential potassium and iron. They have great nutritional benefits.

Having a balanced iron intake would ensure that your parrot’s body manufactures hemoglobin for the blood to carry oxygen appropriately.

Dried fruits found in the Christmas puddings would prevent anemia.

The potassium found in the Christmas puddings also ensures a proper growth for your parrot. It would assist your feathery pal with metabolism and prevent kidney discords.


Christmas puddings additionally accompany a blend of nuts; particularly almonds and pecans which are high in vitamin E, fibers, and protein.

These nuts are quite handy when it comes down to improving your bird’s cardiovascular system. They also work as natural antidepressants.

Nuts found in the Christmas puddings are also loaded with unsaturated fats (The healthy fats), antioxidant compounds, and minerals.

These healthy fats play an important role in the prevention of atherosclerosis by inhibiting inflammation within the blood vessels.

They also reduce plaque formation, and by other means they protect the vessels.


Our feathery pals certainly love intensely spiced nourishments.

Add stuff like cinnamon, bean stew powder (or entire stew peppers), cumin, turmeric, cayenne pepper, and so forth to your parrot’s Christmas pudding. Make a point to utilize flavors with no added salt.

These spices are high in fiber, iron, calcium, and manganese. They’re also packed with vitamins A, C and B. They have anti-bacterial properties and are well known for stabilizing blood pressure. They also play the role of an antioxidant and reduce the risks of heart attacks.

Keep in mind to use spices in moderation.

Even though parrots are not irritated at all, using too many spices can negatively affect their health.

For example, garlic can cause anemia when used excessively. A small sprinkling is enough to do the job.

How To Serve Christmas Pudding To Your Parrot

For a fact, parrots like to imitate their owners.

Instead of serving him the leftovers just give him a slice while all the family starts eating the puddings.

If you’re introducing your feathery pal to the Christmas puddings for the first time, eating it in front of him would make your parrot more likely to try it.

Make sure the slice is hot, not too hot, just hot. A parrot is never attracted to a cold treat.

Christmas puddings are certainly a great treat however it must be served in small proportions.

Even though it is loaded with healthy fats, when taken excessively, they might harm your bird.

When fruits are dehydrated into dried fruits, they shrink to a quarter of their initial size.

All the sugar and calories are preserved during this operation. Since dried fruits are small, your bird will eat more.

Technically he’s eating 4 times the amount of sugar and calories that he would usually get.

Not to forget the huge amount of iron. Birds have a natural storage tank. When an incredible amount of iron is stored, your bird risks an iron storage disease. The huge fiber intake can also affect your bird’s digestive system negatively; he will have continuous cramps and diarrhea.

Before sharing your Christmas puddings with your bird, make sure the dried fruits are not preserved with sulfur dioxide it is quite toxic and might be deadly.

Even some human beings have shown allergic reactions to this chemical. Read the label carefully and avoid any products that have been treated with sulfur dioxide.

Some Traditions You Need To Consider When Making Your Parrot’s Christmas Pudding:

For a fact, the Christmas pudding originates from the 14th century as a celebration of ‘Stir Up Sunday’.

Throughout the years, numerous traditions have encircled Christmas Puddings. Even though they might not harm us as human beings, these traditions can harm our feathery pals.

Setting The Christmas Pudding on Fire

Actually, you’re not setting the Christmas pudding on fire. It’s the Brandy that you’ve poured over the pudding. Unquestionable, when all the lights are turned down and the lit Christmas pudding is being carried to the table, the scene is so heartwarming. However, eating that pudding is not safe for your parrot.

The homemade Christmas pudding contains ethanol that will not evaporate completely even during the steaming process. A normal human being would not feel any difference however a parrot, especially a young one, can get seriously drunk. He will lose the ability to steer and become unsteady on his feet. Although your feathery pal might live, the scene is still heartbreaking.

Now take my word for it, the store-bought Christmas puddings are laced with significant quantities of spirits. At the point when they are microwaved as opposed to being steamed suitably, the ethanol levels can push a mature human being over the drink-drive limit. Just imagine the results it will have on your bird.

Putting A Silver Coin inside the Christmas Pudding

This is another well-known superstition which consists in hiding a silver coin inside the Christmas pudding to bring luck. A precious metal like silver would not harm your bird directly.

However, if the coin is too small, the bird can swallow it.

Make sure to remove it before serving the pudding to your parrot.

A final thought:

A festive season like Christmas is a great time to introduce your feathery pal to new treats. A Christmas pudding is healthy and can play a huge role in maintaining your parrot’s wellbeing. Make sure to follow all the safety precautions and avoid adding any harmful ingredients.

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