Can Parrots Eat Basil?

As humans, we’re always looking for the next thing to add to our food that’ll add several health benefits to our diet. Whether it’s a protein powder, vitamins, or a natural herb, a lot of us have looked into the various ways to help our overall diet. Of the natural remedies to enhance our overall nutrition and health, basil is one of the most common and best ways to do so. There are countless benefits tied to basil. Plus, it adds a unique taste to just about anything it’s attached to. Since we’re on the subject of basil, you’re probably wondering if your parrot can consume basil.

To answer the question…yes, parrots can eat basil. Not only can parrots consume basil, but it can be very beneficial to their overall health. There are numerous benefits tied to basil, and it can undoubtedly help a parrot live a healthy and happy life. However, it’s always important to monitor how your parrot reacts to basil since every parrot is different. Just like every human enjoys food differently from one another, every parrot enjoys cooking separately from each other.

To highlight basil and how it can be implemented into your parrot’s diet, we’re going to take an in-depth look at the herb. We’re going to go over the countless benefits, a few negatives, how you should prepare it for your parrot, if parrots enjoy basil in the first place, and a bit of other information pertaining to the subject. Let’s get started!

What is basil?

Basil is a culinary herb that is native in tropical regions from central Africa to Southeast Asia. Its texture is very tender and, as noted, is typically added to a recipe for its health benefits and taste. Since humans are always looking for the next best thing to help their overall health, basil has become increasingly popular for several years.

What are the health benefits of giving basil to your parrot?

As noted, there are a lot of benefits tied to basil. Not only do these benefits coincide with your parrot’s health, but they’re good for your own health too. Let’s take a look!

Digestive System

We all know how important our digestive system is. Well, for parrots, their digestive system is essential. If their system gets agitated in any way, they can get in a severe complication because of the issue. Adding a little bit of basil to their diet will enhance their digestive system in a variety of positive ways. The same notion goes for humans as well.


On top of being a natural remedy for digestive systems, it has incredible anti-inflammatory properties. For parrots, if they seem tense or anything like that, it could be that their body is inflamed. A considerable way to help them fight off any annoyance like that can be with anti-inflammatory food and herbs like basil.

Skin Benefits

Although this doesn’t have anything to do with parrots, eating basil yourself can promote happy and healthy skin. It possibly ties over to parrots by helping them have more robust looking feathers. Either way, it’s okay.

Promotes Happiness

Adding healthy options to food like basil can help a person’s overall happiness. It’s not a coincidence that the healthier a person’s diet is, the more likely they are to be living a happier life. That same notion tends to coincide with a parrots life as well. If they can be on a healthy diet, they’re more likely to live in a happier state of mind.

Supports Liver Function

As we’re all well aware off, our liver function is essential. With parrots and birds in general, the liver is a vital organ that is geared toward digesting food. As noted already, a parrots digestive system is fundamental. So, why wouldn’t you give them a herb that helps them with that function?


Like a lot of herbs and healthy food options, basil is filled with antioxidant properties. Antioxidants promote a healthy immune system and help fight off various infections that are bad for overall health. Parrots have to deal with a lot of harmful diseases and illnesses over their lifetime, which is why it’s so important they have a healthy dose of antioxidants.

Are there any negatives giving basil to your parrot?

Although basil seems to have an endless amount of benefits tied to it, there are a few negatives related to it as well. Don’t get me wrong, the benefits definitely outweigh the negatives. It’s just important to highlight a few of the images that may occur.


Although this isn’t as common, some parrots are allergic to basil. This is pretty rare, so it’s something that isn’t too big of a concern. Just make sure the first time your parrot eats basil that they’re okay afterward. Just like humans, every parrot has different allergies, which may result in them being allergic to basil.


Yes, basil is exceptionally healthy for parrots. However, just like anything else, the overconsumption of it can cause anxiety. It’s important to not overfeed your parrot anything. You probably just want the best possible health for your parrot, but overfilling them with any kind of food will only cause more than good.

Ruin Appetite

As a parrot owner, you’re probably well aware of how they can be picky eaters. For whatever reason, if they have a distaste for basil, it could potentially ruin their entire meal. Just something to keep in mind since we all know how picky parrots can be.

How should you prepare basil for your parrot?

Since basil is a herb, it’s generally added to a meal and isn’t the main focus of something. Basically, people don’t eat basil on its own. Let’s take a look at what you can do with basil for your parrot.

Add to Any Meal

As noted, basil should be an addition to whatever you usually give your parrot. Even if you provide a certain kind of juice, consider throwing a bit of basil into the drink. They more than likely will love it and get a lot of enjoyment from it. Plus, it’ll add a bit more nutritional value to their diet.

Sweet Potato Basil Combination

In case you didn’t know, most parrots love sweet potatoes. Next time you cook up some sweet potatoes for them, throw in a little bit of basil. The flavors of the two will work great for one another.

Bird Bread with Basil

A ubiquitous meal for parrots is a certain kind of bird bread for them. Usually, bird bread is a combination of their favorite food in a single serving. If you can throw in some basil into the mix of their bird bread, it’ll turn out perfectly for them.

Do parrots like basil?

Although every parrot has a different preference when it comes to food, they’ll more than likely enjoy basil. It adds a unique taste to food, and they’ll probably find a great deal of interest in the color of it alone.

If your parrot seems to not enjoy it, definitely don’t force it on them. Think of your least favorite food and imagine if someone tried to force that onto you. You definitely wouldn’t be a happy camper.

When it comes to food, always make sure your parrot is okay with eating it. Even if it has a lot of benefits tied to it, it’s never good to force your parrot to eat something they don’t want to eat.

We hope you enjoyed our article on basil and if parrots can eat it or not. To quickly recap everything, yes, parrots can eat basil. In fact, it can be very beneficial to them. Basil can be added to a lot of their favorite food, and they’ll be able to see the countless benefits from it.

However, always make sure your parrot is okay to eat basil. Although it’s not as common, your parrot could have an allergic reaction or a distaste for basil. Either way, just double-check to see how your parrot reacts to basil.

Be sure to check out other foods and herbs that parrots can eat. It’s always a good idea to find healthy and tasty food to feed your parrot. They’ll love it, and it’ll be an all-around fun experience!

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