Can Parrots Eat Avocados?

For those of us who enjoy avocado, we tend to use it throughout most of our meals each day. Whether it’s avocado toast, an addition to a salad, or a part of a sandwich, it adds a particular taste sensation that can be very addicting. For those of you who have never tried avocado or just don’t like it, well, I recommend you give it another chance. It can be added to just about any food situation and transform your entire experience. Trust me when I say it’s a complete game-changer. However, since we’re on the subject, you’re probably wondering if parrots can eat avocados.

To answer the question…no, parrots should never eat avocado. Although parrots love various fruits, an avocado’s pit and skin are extremely toxic to parrots. Besides the pit and skin of an avocado, even its flesh is extremely dangerous to give to a parrot. Basically, an avocado is exceptionally poisonous to any bird’s digestive system. This means that no matter the circumstance, you should never feed your parrot avocado.

I know, it’s kind of a bummer, isn’t it? Don’t be too upset because there are a lot of other fun foods you can give your parrot. Since we’re on the subject of avocado, we’re going to highlight some of the benefits of eating avocado, the negatives of a parrot eating it, what an avocado actually is, alternatives, how you should prepare it, if parrots like avocado in the first place, and a bit of other information pertaining to the subject. Let’s get started!

What are the benefits of eating avocado?

For humans, there are quite a few benefits that come with consuming an avocado.

Although some of these benefits can cross-over and be given to a parrot as well, you should still never feed your parrot avocado.

The poisonous capabilities of an avocado for a parrot shouldn’t be ignored. Nonetheless, let’s go over a few general benefits of eating avocado for yourself.


For starters, an avocado is filled with nutritional benefits. They’re filled with vitamin K, folate, vitamin C, vitamin B5, vitamin B6, and vitamin E. All of these can play a significant positive toward someone’s overall health.


What if I told you an avocado gives you more potassium than a banana? The reality is that most people don’t get enough potassium in their diet, and an avocado is filled with potassium. In fact, they have more potassium than a banana. Studies have shown the countless benefits tied to having enough potassium in your diet.

Healthy Fatty Acids

Whether we know it or not, there are essential fatty acids that we all need to have as part of our overall diet. One of the foods you can receive essential fatty acids from is an avocado. Considering how full of nutrients an avocado is, plus the essential fatty acids it contains, it’s a no brainer for a human to add a bit of avocado to their diet. Parrots are the other hand, should never be fed avocado.


We all know of the importance of having enough fiber in our diet. Fiber can help our digestive systems, reduce blood sugar issues, and promote weight loss. Basically, we all need a lot of fiber in our diet to live our healthiest life.

Lowers Cholesterol

By now, we’ve all heard about the importance of reducing our cholesterol. Well, on top of being a tasty addition to food, avocado can actually lower cholesterol for us as well. How cool is that? It’s nice that something tastes this good, but also be extremely beneficial.


Avocados are filled with antioxidants. In case you didn’t know, antioxidants are fantastic for us since they help boost our immune system and fight off things that are bad for our bodies. Basically, you want to add a lot of foods that are filled with antioxidants to your diet. They can only cause an overall positive to your diet.

As you can tell, there are a lot of benefits that come with adding avocado to your diet. However, this, unfortunately, doesn’t translate over to parrots. Because of the harmful component that avocados have toward birds, a parrot can become severely ill or worse if they consume an avocado.

What are the negatives of eating avocado?

As noted, serious complications can arise if a parrot were to consume avocado.

Let’s highlight some of the negatives surrounding avocados. Not only utilize this information to understand why they’re bad for your parrot but why overeating avocado can be bad for your own health.

Poisonous Toward Birds

As stated already, avocado is toxic toward birds. It can cause a severe disruption in their digestive system. Not only can it harm them that way, but it can potentially kill them as well. If a food can be this dangerous to your parrot, you probably shouldn’t give it to them.

Avocado Can Worsen Allergies

As odd as this sounds, there have been studies done that show that avocado can worsen our allergies. Many have noted it as making their skin look worst and other elements that represent a worsened allergy.

Liver Damage

Although avocado is filled with essential fatty acids, those same essential fatty acids can cause damage to someone’s liver. However, this only happens if someone were to consume too much avocado.

Digest Irritation

Part of the reason avocado is extremely harmful toward parrots is how it acts as a poison toward their digestive system. With humans, the consumption of too much avocado can cause gastrointestinal irritation as well. Although it’s not to the same degree as a parrot consuming it, it’s certainly an annoyance.

High in Calories

Although avocado has a lot of benefits tied to it, it’s very high in calories. So, for people who are low-calorie diets, they should probably avoid avocado. As for parrots, they shouldn’t eat foods that are high in calories, to begin with.

What is an avocado?

When you see the color green on food, you probably assume it’s a vegetable. However, with avocado, this isn’t the case. Avocados are actually a fruit.

They originate from south-central Mexico and have been around for roughly 10,000 years. How wild is that? Maybe people thousands of years ago were enjoying avocado toast like we are today.

What is an alternative for avocado?

If you want to give your parrot a similar sensation of an avocado that is entirely okay for them to eat, look no further. Let’s highlight a few options.

Smashed Banana

Yes, you read that a right. Although the two differentiate with their flavor, they have a very similar texture. If you can grab a banana and smash it up, you’ll find it to be a sweet topping on a lot of things related to an avocado. As for your parrot, it’s completely healthy and safe for them to consume a banana. So, smash up a banana and feed a little bit to your parrot. They’ll most likely love it! Read more about if parrots can eat bananas and the benefits in this article.

Almond Butter

Almond butter shares a lot of the same benefits as avocado, plus it’s entirely safe for your parrot to eat. However, keep in mind that almond butter is filled with calories, so you shouldn’t give your parrot too much of it to eat. Just something to keep in mind when you dish up a bit of almond butter to give them.

Do parrots like avocado?

The reason why it’s important to note that avocado is bad for parrots is since some parrots might want to eat it. You might walk by them with some avocado toast, and they’ll go crazy for some.

Although this is a bit subjective and every parrot is different, it’s important to highlight exactly why they should never be fed avocado. No matter how much parrots beg for avocado when you’re eating it, definitely do not feed it to them.

Thank you for checking out our article on the world surrounding avocado and if parrots can eat it or not. To recap our answer, parrots should never eat avocado. It’s very poisonous and harmful for them to consume, no matter the circumstance.

However, there are alternatives they can eat that present a similar texture and benefit identical to avocado. Either way, it’s always important to double-check what your parrot can and can’t eat.

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